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Jun 13, 2005 10:53 PM

Cafe Verona - La Brea Ave.

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Which of my fellow Chowhounds have been to Cafe Verona on La Brea Ave?

What can you tell me??

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  1. personally, i have not, but my brother and sister in law live around the corner and frequent and say it's lovely. nice atmosphere and yummy food. they are a couple of food snobs , so take it for what it's worth

    1. I also live around the corner and go here frequently. I love it. It's got a great covered patio that is like a little garden haven on busy la brea. The frittatas are excellent and come with a little side of a delicious sweet pototo mash! I've taken many people here and we always have a great breakfast. Sweet spot that not many people know about. It's my (not for long) hidden gem.

      1. i used to run in and get a coffee to go as i did my weekend ralphs/trader joe's shopping down the street. always a great cup. i had lunch there once and it was really good. very fresh from what i remember.

        1. one of my favorite breakfast joints. excellent atmosphere and great food. cant go wrong here. items full of flavor and not too over the top. great place to read a paper, drink a cup of joe and have a great frittata or pannani sandwhich.

          1. My favorite LA restaurant, and now that I've introduced my parents to it, it's their favorite, too. Never had a disappointing meal here.