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La Luna Market - Rutherford

gordon wing Apr 20, 2010 07:55 PM

Nice little market right off of highway 29 in Rutherford ( just pasts Oakville as you go North )
I tried three different tacos : carne asada, al pastor and cabeza. The carne asada was a bit dry ..... the cabeza was on the plain side and wasn't as well seasoned as the other fillings. The al pastor was excellent - little crispy bits and a nice seasoning. Would get this again....left a little buzz on my lips afterwards ....... woud be a good burrito filling also - wouldn't get lost among the other ingredients. Sad to say that they didn't have any agua frescas ..... regular tacos are $1.75
and are made with two griddles corn tortillas and a generous amount of filling with some chopped onion and cilantro.

La Luna Market Taqueria
1153 Rutherford Rd, Rutherford, CA

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    Dan Wodarcyk RE: gordon wing Apr 21, 2010 11:32 AM

    Definitely one of the better taquerias in the Valley. If you're ever in Napa, La Mixteca is the best. Has been discussed on this board quite a lot.

    La Mixteca
    2580 Jefferson St, Napa, CA 94558

    1. Melanie Wong RE: gordon wing Apr 21, 2010 01:40 PM

      What kind of salsas?

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        gordon wing RE: Melanie Wong Apr 21, 2010 04:15 PM

        Now that you mention it ....... there wasn't any salsa included with my order and I didn't notice a salsa bar or station. They do sell containers of their salsa in a refrigerated case nearby though. The cabeza probably would have benefited from a hit of salsa. The al pastor was quite good as it was. A good ( for me ) heat level was present on all 3 fillings - there was some chile mixed into the fillings. No chips ( that I saw ) either ....

        1. re: gordon wing
          Melanie Wong RE: gordon wing Apr 21, 2010 04:35 PM

          Aha, so the reason you didn't describe the salsa on your tacos is that there wasn't any!

          1. re: Melanie Wong
            gordon wing RE: Melanie Wong Apr 21, 2010 04:57 PM

            which reminds me that I need to get back to Taqueria San Jose in San Rafael where the chips (warm ) and salsas are out for the taking!

          2. re: gordon wing
            Dan Wodarcyk RE: gordon wing Apr 21, 2010 07:58 PM

            I had to think about that as well, but you're right, no salsas except for maybe some added to certain tacos. I think what stands out here is their meat preparation. Just good, solid, simple stuff. That said, which taqueria couldn't benefit from having a salsa bar?

        2. ThirstyReader RE: gordon wing Apr 21, 2010 09:30 PM

          La Luna Market is my local lunch spot, and I've covered the menu thoroughly during my visits. When I'm outside Napa City Limits, the simple rule of thumb is: La Luna Market for carnitas burritos and al pastor tacos. Azteca Market for carne asada tacos.


          Azteca Market
          789 Main St St, Helena, CA

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          1. re: ThirstyReader
            Dawgmommy RE: ThirstyReader Jun 5, 2010 11:43 AM

            I also get their Carnitas and Chicken tacos as well. The chile relleno is also quite good. I noticed that they had tongue on their menu, have you ever tried that?

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