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Apr 20, 2010 06:39 PM

Ceviche Quality Tuna on the West side?

Had fantastic yellowfin tuna ceviche in Miami last week (it was cubed in very large chunks and served with avacado and mango and grapefruit...good lord it was good). Any ideas on where I might find some high quality tuna with which to make the recipe at home?

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  1. My first impulse would be Safe and Save Market on Sawtelle.

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      Agree. My husband's office is just up the street. Fish from Save and Save has always been reliable, but, if you want another option; great fresh crab, go to Granada Market at Nebraska and Sawtelle. Granada won't even sell that crab unless it is perfect, pristine and fresh.

      1. re: maudies5

        +2. Recently had salmon sashimi from S&S and it was fresh and delicious.

    2. Check out Bristol Farms. They have tune "poke" all ready to go. It's like an Hawaiian style ceviche. It's very good and you can add fruit to it. Pineapple might work.

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        If you add pineapple, it must be eaten relatively soon. The acid in the pineapple will start to break down the fish... The poke is pretty darn good by the way. And they have the spicy version of the poke as well. That's a pretty good hit as well. Just wish Aloha Market was still in business...

      2. Was it a ceviche? Meaning cooked in citrus juice, lime or lemon?

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          Bristol Farms has a ceviche section with different kinds. Some with fish, some with shrimp, etc. The tuna ceviche has large cubes of tuna that's marinated, I'm guessing, in lime, soy and ginger with some green sea weed. The tuna was good quality in my opinion.

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            It's the poke that is mentioned upthread. It also has sesame oil and sesame seeds. It's good stuff, especially for store-bought.

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              Sorry, my question was for GJWhite.

          2. I would check out Nijiya Market on Sawtelle and Olympic. They have a huge selection of sashimi grade fish, and I've been buying their fish for years (to prepare sushi and sashimi at home).

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              Nijiya has great fish as does Mitsuwa on Bundy and Venice. I have never seen true sashimi grade fish in any retail market other than in Japanese markets. The tuna at Bristol Farms and places like Whole Foods that is labeled sashimi-grade is edible raw, but it is lower quality fish than what you buy for sashimi at a Japanese market. Bristol Farms pays less for it and they mark it up to about the same price, so you might as well go Nijiya or Mitsuwa. Marukai in Gardena has the best selection, but you need a membership (they have a day pass that's $1).

            2. The Fish truck at the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Mkt (located at the west end of Arizona) has beautiful tuna when she has it. We've been using it for sashimi for years.