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Apr 20, 2010 06:23 PM

Best Ways to Eat Smoked Salmon

Just had a load of smoked salmon on Breton sesame crackers with a sauce of sour cream and fresh dill. It was fine. Quite good actually. But I'm looking for ideas to zest up smoked salmon.

So, any ideas?

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  1. cream cheese, sliced cukes, capers, sliced hardboiled egg, lemon zest. any combination.

    homemade cream cheese is easy and worth the effort.

    1. I prefer creme fraiche to cream cheese, capers, minced red onion, a drop or two of lemon juice. While (only) NY bagels are terrific, I actually prefer it on a very crispy cracker like, perhaps, melba toast.

      1. I just made a layered smoked salmon spread that was out of this world fantastic - I could have eaten the entire thing - if you go to my photos, it's one of the last ones that I posted, I can't seem to get this picture on this thread though.

        I mixed cream cheese with lemon juice and dill, then put the first layer of cheese in the bottom of a small bowl that I lined with saran wrap. the next layer was capers, mixed with diced red onion, more dill and more lemon juice, then another layer of that cream cheese, then a layer of chopped smoked salmon, then anothe layer of the cheese. put in fridge, when ready - turn the bowl over on a plate using the saran wrap to help ease it out of the bowl. Oh so good! But then again, I love salmon any which way.

        It's great in a pasta dish with cream cheese which melts.

        1. Should the lemon zest/juice be incorporated into the cream cheese/fraiche?

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            I did with my layers! It was in the cheese, as well as the mix of capers, red onion layer.