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Apr 20, 2010 04:38 PM

Best AYCE Brunch

I'll be visiting from LA in May and staying in San Jose. I'm looking for the best quality and Value AYCE brunch in San Jose or up to 1 hour driving distance. I know often quality and value do not go hand in hand with an AYCE destination. Quality, hands down beats value in my request. I would appreciate any advise or suggestions that anyone can provide. Thank you!

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  1. While I have only been there for lunch (and also only to the SF location), Amber India has a phenomenal lunch buffet, and I believe they have all of their lunch dishes plus a few extra Sunday-only ones for Sunday brunch (naturally, it costs a little more).

    Amber India
    Mission and Fourth, San Francisco, CA

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    1. re: vulber

      Thank you for your suggestion. I suppose I should be a bit more specific. I seeking something along the lines of a Sunday brunch.

    2. If I'm not mistaken, I believe only hotels offer Sunday brunch buffets. In that regard, there's The Fairmont San Jose, The Sofitel's Bay 223 in Redwood Shores & the Hyatt's Swiftwater Cafe in Burlingame. Unfortunately, there isn't much info posted on this subject.

      Bay 223
      223 Twin Dolphin Dr, Redwood City, CA 94065

      Redwood Shores
      1111 Shoreway Rd, Belmont, CA 94002

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      1. re: ceekskat

        I haven't been, but doesn't Brix in Napa also do one?

        7377 St. Helena Highway, Napa, CA 94558

        1. re: vulber

          Yes & highly recommended on the board...but that would be a bit longer than the one hour driving limit given by OP :)

          BTW, we stayed at Vintage Inn in Yountville about 3/4 years ago & they had one of the most scrumptious breakfast buffets I had ever had in my life. Last year, when I stayed elsewhere, I called them to ask if non-guests can dine there and was informed they can for $25pp (ended up not going there). Of course the menu wasn't as extensive as a full service "hotel" buffet, meaning no carving station, seafood, etc., but the baked goods and vegetables offered were top notch. I recall thinking at the time, "this is even better than the Four Seasons Mau!" Hmm, my visit was pre-chowhound days but I don't know why I've never mentioned this on CH... :)

          1. re: ceekskat

            I guessing that Yountville is near Napa? I really wanted to go to the French Laundry this trip but I realized w/planning the trip I wouldn't be able to get out that far...:(

            The French Laundry
            6640 Washington Street, Yountville, CA 94599

          2. re: vulber

            I actually went to Brix in December the last time I was up north. I also highly recommend it. I've been both to the brunch at the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena and the Beverly Hotel in Beverly Hill and Brix has them beat hands down. The quality of the food did not feel mass produced as you find at many AYCE's.

            Brix's Sunday AYCE brunch is exactly the type of place I am looking for but it's tooo far from San Jose for me to travel during this visit. Can anyone recommend this caliber of AYCE up to an hour drive away from San Jose?

            Thank you for all the current suggestions:)

            7377 St. Helena Highway, Napa, CA 94558

            1. re: issey

              Traffic dependent you could potentially hit the AYCE at the Claremont in the Oakland hills.

              I haven't been there since last year, but they always put up a fabulous spread. Pastries, pates + charcuterie, dim sum, prime rib, tons of salads and smoked fish + oysters, shrimp cocktail, fresh squeezed juices, live jazz, a dessert buffet with 15-20 offerings...and some killer views of the Bay to boot.

              Meritage at the Claremont
              41 Tunnel Road, Berkeley, CA 94705


          According to its website, Amber India on Santana Row has a Sunday brunch buffet. I haven't tried it yet, but I think it might be your best quality, value and setting in the area.

          Amber India
          377 Santana Row, San Jose, CA 95128

          1. If you've got the cash, the Sunday brunch at the Half Moon Bay Ritz is one of the best I've been to - luxurious, delicious, and sumptuous. Amber is great, but completely different.

            Here is a sample Ritz menu:

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            1. re: YSZ

              I was about to suggest the Ritz as well. We went to their New Year's brunch and it was amazing. the spread was the best i have ever seen including 3 types of caviar. it was scrumptious...not cheap though.

              1. re: Yaxpac

                I was wondering about the price, it's not specified on the web site. I called and it's $88/per person.

            2. I know you're looking for a Sunday brunch place, but if you can do lunch on a weekday, you need to try the $12 buffet lunch at Xanh in downtown Mountain View, possibly the best buffet lunch (all things like price, food, decor considered) I've ever experienced in this country.

              Xanh Restaurant
              110 Castro St, Mountain View, CA