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Apr 20, 2010 03:57 PM

Help with areas outside Istanbul Please!

We will be traveling to Turkey in ten days. I have done lots of research about food on Chowhound and Istanbul eats. There is not much information on other areas in Turkey.

We will be in Cappadocia for four days, Sirince for three days and then in Kas for one week before heading to Istanbul for one week. Can anyone help me with good local restaurants in these areas OR direct me to a website where I can get more information on food in these select areas?

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  1. Hi,

    It seems to me, you will make some changes in your plan... may be you you will stay shorter in some places, I mean Kas, and Sirince, than you planned.. Kaş is a small town without its environ. You will of course visit Kalkan, Kekova, Demre, Letoon, Xanthos..-or some other places... You should visit Tire before or after sirince and try Kaplan Restaurant, Best choice in Kas is sea food regardless of restaurant.

    In Cappadoccia, besides Ala Turca / Goreme and Somine/ Urgup, easily you will find nice places by asking. Ask for "comlek kebabı" -kebab in earthware pot- in Cappadoccia

    1. Hi Zinfanatic
      Hope you had a great trip to Turkey last year!
      We are Kas bound in August and would really appreciate some tips about the local restaurants...maybe any other towns/villages within an hours drive of Kas. Also any fresh food that we could buy to cook at our villa.

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        There is a great weekly food market in Kas where you can get freshly gathered herbs, really nice local produce, olive oil and village-style loaves of bread.
        Surprisingly, when I was there last summer, getting anything other than farm-raised fish was difficult. Scout the fish mongers the minute you arrive and make the distinction between "deniz balik" (wild) and "ciftlik balik" (farmed). If your villa has a caretaker, you might ask him to find you fish from the local spearfisherman.
        We had a great meal at Bahce Balik- excellent fresh fish, octopus, a bounty of meze. I highly recommend it.
        Here is the address:
        Address: Suleyman Sandikci Sok. 18, Kas
        Telephone: 242-836-2779
        Kas is beautiful, enjoy.


        1. re: antman

          Many thanks for the reply antman. Did you visit any other restaurants in the area?