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Apr 20, 2010 03:30 PM

Cucina Urbana Family Style

I plan on hitting CU this week. I noticed on the menu that the pasta dishes have an option to make them "family style" for an additional $18. They indicate that this option will feed 3-4 people. I looked at the flicker photos from the previous CU thread, and the single pasta portions do not look large. If you really get 3 to 3.5 times as much for an additional $18 this would be a bargain, as the rabbit cavatelli I am interested in is $17 for a single portion.

If anyone has experience ordering the family style pasta at CU, I would greatly appreciate your take on this matter.

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  1. Having had pasta there a few times, every time a regular entree was enough for my girlfriend and I (including the short rib papardelle).

    In your case, I assume you should go with the Family Style just for yourself!

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      Obviously that is what I was thinking. Looks like I'm going tonight, my driver just called me back (drinky no drivey), so I will take pictures and report my finds. Right now I am planning on the sweetbreads as an app, the family style roasted rabbit cavatelli, and a mini loaf of rosemary bread to wipe my plate clean. Hopefully this will make for a sumptuous feast for around 60 bucks.

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        Run, rabbits- run for your lives!

        Captain Jack is coming , and he's hungry!

    2. I made my first visit to Cucina Urbana last night. It was cold and rainy, but the restaurant was packed anyway. I sat at the main Bar.

      I ordered the "chicken fried" sweetbreads app, and it was awesome. Super crispy exterior, yielding to a buttery, foie gras like center. Truly plump glands of joy.

      For my entree I ordered the family style roasted rabbit cavatelli. The deal is the family style option costs an additional $18, and you get three times as much of the pasta dish of your choice. My newbie server consulted with the head bartender after I ordered, and he came over to make sure I knew what I was asking for. Once that was settled, said bartender challenged me, stating I could not finish so much food. At stake for me, my rep, for him, the cocktail of my choosing. The rabbit pasta was fantastic from the first bite. Tender, gamey meat, excellent mustard cream sauce, perfect cavatelli. Back to the bet,.......the bartender lost. Let me say though, this was a lot of food. Certainly a hearty portion for two normal people. Towards the end, with my victory eminent, the bartender suggested (I told him I was a vodka drinker) the peach peska. This is vodka, St. Germain, peach puree, and a splash of prosecco. My only modification was to specify The Goose as my vodka of choice, and to make it a triple please. He chuckled and went about my drink's preparation. It was excellent, with the house made peach puree tasting super fresh. The damn thing was so big it took up two glasses.

      Bottom line, I had a blast at Cucina Urbana. Great food, great drink, and great servers with plenty of amusingly quirky personality. The whole menu looks tasty, and I'll be back to try the rest of it.


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          easily Post of the Month. Congrats.

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            Thank god I am not your health insurer

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                  Wow. I'm hard pressed to finish the regular sized cavatelli, with no app. Color me impressed, and morbidly fascinated.... ;-)

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                    Tums, Tums, Tums and a long nap in the sun....