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Apr 20, 2010 03:09 PM

Toluca. Cacho Cavallo Cheese.

Does anyone know about a cacho cavallo -type- cheese made in Toluca? i´d like to know what´s the brand name and where can i buy it in Mexico City or Toluca.

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  1. Caciocavallo is a provolone like cheese that originates from Molise on the Adriatic sea of Italy. It means cheese on horseback because of its strange shape from the rope thats tied around the top and used to be saddled alongside a rider.

    Where have you seen/ heard about this?

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    1. re: kare_raisu that´s the way it is spelled! Cocina - Las Mañanas en el Once, once tv IPN, Thelma Morgan was talking about cheeses.

    2. If I recall correctly, I have seen cheese of this shape in a store here in Morelia. I have to go over there this week, so (a) assuming I remember to look and (b) assuming they still have it, I'll post back by Saturday.