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Apr 20, 2010 02:32 PM

Restaurants for a Sat. nite in Charleston with no reservations needed??

Hi all,
H and I will be in Charleston his weekend and will be exploring the general vicinity from Edisto to Kiawah to IOP and Mt. Pleasant on SAturday. We don't know where or when we'll end up wanting dinner.
Are there any recommendations for good restaurants in the above areas where no reservations are needed on a Sat. nite?? We're looking to eating Friday night at snob(with reservations). Thanks

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  1. You could probably walk into most any of the E. Bay St. restaurants around 9 PM and get in. There would be a few exceptions and you may have to wait a short period of time. But you could have a few cold beers while you wait. What type food and price range are you looking for.

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      We tried BASIL for the first time just a few months ago-OUTSTANDING! I loved it!! And we sat at the chef bar and got to see all the great chefs making the food! What an experience! Highly reccommend for Thai food. We had to wait a bit so we headed next door to their bar, had a few drinks, and when our table was ready, they came over to tell us b/c they are owned by the same people. It is a long walk from Meeting St but we needed it to walk off our stomachs on the way back!!

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        At home, we're usually in bed by 9, so my head would probably eat up in my Shrimp n Grits if I had to eat at 9, especially if I had a few beers first!! I'll keep your suggestion in mind though, in the event we're still looking for a place to eat.

      2. You can usually eat dinner at any of the good restaurants bars without a reservation. I know we have done this at Penninsula Grill on many occasions as well as at Hanks with no problems.

        You may have a bit of a wait for a bar stool on Saturday night.

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          That's what I was thinking we might be able to do, thanks!
          Any info on the bar at the Vendue Inn? Do you know if they serve food??