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Apr 20, 2010 02:15 PM

Rome Sunday Lunch Colosseum

I'll be vising the ancient Rome sights on Sunday and I'm looking for a good, affordable restaurant to sit down for lunch and take a break from the sights...any suggestions?

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  1. La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, Via della Madonna dei Monti, 9. 06 6798643, Near Colosseo. Great Meal! I had Paperdelli with sausage and pork rib, my daughter had fava bean soup, and our friend had raviloi stuffed with mozzarella with a silky pesto sauce. We shared a warm pear cake for dessert. Oh my, I really enjoyed this place. A perfect place for a relaxing lunch after taking in the sights of Ancient Rome. With two salads, bread, and wine the bill was 57 euro.

    1. It was 1978 and we were following the restaurant recommendations in Georgina Masson's Companion Guide to Rome probably published in the 60s which did not lead us wrong We had a wonderful , relaxing lunch following a morning in the hot sun of the Forum in the shady garden of Angelino ai Fori nearby. I have never returned or heard a recent report. Is there any recent intelligence on this place from our Roman folks?

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        From reading the TripAdvisor accounts of Angelino ai Fori, it sounds like it's a tourist joint now.

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          I guess its glory days are over. It was where Bobby Kennedy celebrated his wife's birthday in 1962. He gave her a Vespa, and she rode it through the restaurant. So sayeth one of my guidebooks...

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            I dont remember much glory. (this was 78 not 62) What I do remember is coming out of the hot sun of the Forum Romanum into a shady arbor where people were relaxing and drinking cool frascati out of sweating glasses. That year, the roman women were wearing simple chic summer dresses and sandals - no jeans, no glitzed up look - and we really enjoyed our grilled chicken, our insalata misticanza (more tiny mystery leaves in those days) and a risotto with peppers and basil in it. We went back a couple of years later in October and ate inside in a quiet room and were not so impressed. I have no idea how it stacks up but it does still have that arbor. and a fine location for kicking back after a hot morning.