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Apr 20, 2010 02:12 PM

Most (Or Oddest) Ice Cream Flavours?

I was just reading about La Casa Gelato in Vancouver which supposedly has the most flavours (508 or so - was mentioned here http://www.sharingtravelexperiences.c...


I wanted to ask others if you've been to an ice cream shop with a similar or more amount of insane flavors?

Or someplace that many doesn't have the volume of flavour but the same sorts of weird options (like rice-flavoured?!)

Signed... An Ice Cream Addict.

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  1. There's a local company nearby (Michigan) called Palazzolo's Gelato that, according to their website, has over 600 flavors of gelato (plus they make sorbetto). I don't know if they have any actual ice cream shops, though. I know the supply a lot of restaurants, and you can get a smaller selection of their flavors at the high-end grocery stores around here.

    I'm not sure if this is considered "weird," but my absolute favorite flavor that I've had of theirs is a mascarpone bae with caramel swirls and whole roasted pistachios. I've seen some interesting seasonal flavors (mincemeat, carrot cake), and things like chai latte, but I don't know what their full "menu" is (or what some of the custom flavors they may do for restaurants and such).

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      "mascarpone bae with caramel swirls and whole roasted pistachios." How on earth did someone come up with that? LOVE IT!

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        Ciao Bella in NYC makes a rose petal gelato from time to time that I used to love but I suppose that really isnt all that odd anymore (particulary if you are from an Indian background culinary wise) Tehy had a Guiness Gelato around St. Pat's day does that count.
        Oh and when I was a kid and went to camp in Acadaia Maine one year some of the kids repored that a place call Ben and Bill's house of chocolate (in Bar Harbor I believe) served lobster ice cream.

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          I don't know the name, but there is a small place in Chinatown in NYC on Mott St. that served an ice cream laced with beans and sweet corn. Excellent!

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              Oh, damn, I thought it was some Chinese herb or something.

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          Paleteria Flamingos in Berwyn, Illinois.
          I wish they had a website, but they always have like 50 flavors on offer. My favorite is always coco cremoso (creamy coconut - no flakes) they also have a roasted coconut with flakes. Other flavors they always have and people flock to:
          Parmesan cheese
          Corn Bread
          many, many others I could never recall.
          They also have a section labeled "diablos" which are like flavored shaved ices that are salty and laced with hot chile pepper.

          Great thing about this place is that unconditionally, they will let you try any flavor you want. There are so many, and they will actually push you to try them all before making your final selection

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            I'm the chef at Palazzolo's, I just got done making Fresh Basil Cinnamon Gelato for a restaurant in Kalamazoo, MI. It was delicious if I do say so myself. From Bacon to Durian Fruit we make it all.

          2. What is odd is subjective, but in the Middle East you can get some ice-cream flavors that I have not seen in the US. For example, you can get mastik ice-cream...mastik as in the gummy substance that drips for a tree. At Baskin Robbins, they keep different flavors to market to the various nationalities in Dubai. They have baqlawa ice-cream. They also have Scone ice-cream. We also have some in-house gelato places that do good stuff like Ferrero Rochet, Nutella and so forth.

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              Chewy mastic ice cream would very likely qualify as "odd" to a Westerner who has never tried it before. Same with my favorite avocado, purple yam, mutant coconut and cheese ice cream, which is sometimes eaten in bread instead of a cone. Lately I have been particularly fond of sesame and taro.

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                You're correct, baskin robbins in Yemen was so much more fun. I'm not even an ice cream fan!

              2. does the ice cream dedicated level of a foodie amusement park type place count?

                in japan at the gyoza stadium there is also a floor dedicated to ice cream where you can buy the odder flavours in little quart tubs or go to the more normal stalls and get your chocolate/vanilla/strawberry in waffle cones and what not.

                i tried snake and beef tongue.. or some other part of the cow. oddest i've ever had and certainly not worth repeating with regards to flavour and cost! polished rice is a favourite though.

                1. Snow King in Taipei:


                  The pork floss actually sounds like it might be good. Pig's feet and bitter melon ice creams? I'll pass.

                  1. There's a small batch gelato shop here in LA called Scoops and the owner comes up with some pretty incredible flavors, the most popular being one called Brown Bread which has bits of grapenuts and is really delicious. He's open to suggestions for flavors, but recently some choices have included bacon caramel, goat cheese and purple basil, salty honey, salty chocolate, guiness chocolate, thai tea marsala wine, honey hennessey ...the list goes on and on.

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                    1. re: mollyomormon

                      Scoops is amazing! Some of my favorite flavors are their "salty chocolate" and "honey lavendar". The smell of the honey lavendar is amazing--I almost want to bathe in it, it is so delightful!

                      1. re: mollyomormon

                        Scoops, I walked in early one day and Tai had this grin on his face.

                        "Try this" he had made nicotine ice cream.
                        It tasted like you had smoked a ciggy.