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Apr 20, 2010 01:48 PM

T&T bread machine recipes anyone? Please share.......

I made a loaf of bread today in my bread machine, only because dinner tonight is including out of state family and is going to be comfy and hearty so I wanted a fresh bread. Easy, no mix, just two types of flour-yeast-sugar-salt-water-olive oil. It smelled delicious baking away like it always does.
Dawned on me our son has often times asked me for recipes for his bread machine that don't inclue mixes as they're pricey...he can't afford that luxury. I just toss in this and that but can't give him that as a recipe. Was hoping some of you have fun and delicious recipes for breads you whip up in your machine that aren't store bought mixes.
Also hoping you care to share. TIA, my son thanks you too :)

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  1. usually bread machines come with instruction and recipe books. here's a website with additional recipes.
    we usually start with the bread machine manual recipes and modify with flavor/texture ingredients...cocoa powder and dried cherries, powdered rosemary and roasted garlic, ground flax meal with walnuts, maple syrup and almonds, etc.

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      let's see, I have cooca powder and dried cranberries and dried sour cherries and oh my gosh the powdered rosemary {?} I have all else and suppose I could grind my back yards rosemary. Gad, good ideas, thank you.

    2. Does he want to bake in the machine also? I use mine only for the dough cycle and then take it out to shape and bake. I do have quite a few that I use. Is there something special he wants?

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        yea, he does. he is here at our house often enough and there is always bread baking in the machine of some sort. he loves it so of course I got him a machine years ago. now married and the chief cook in the house, he'd love to surprise his wife with home baked bread when she gets off work.
        he loves herbed breads and whole wheat sweet breads, so honey and whole wheat flour etc. I have one for rye bread using whole wheat and regular flour caraway seeds and apple sauce, it's just terrific. not sure our son likes rye bread per say, we love it here, nothing like toasted rye bread, oh and raisins in it too. it's superb

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          I have three recipes I can think of that might work for him. If you want any of them, let me know and I'd be happy to post them. My standard go-to sandwich bread is Carris' whole wheat bread, a combination of ww and bread flour, with molasses but I have used honey instead. Another is a Haitian bread, nice, very light white bread, slightly sweet w/ nutmeg. The third is a tomato herb bread, made with V-8 and parm/reg cheese, and various herbs.

          1. re: chowser

            the first two sound wonderful "for him". the v8 one sounds like something I'd love to try, if you can and wouldn't mind, please, do post. I'll buy him anything he needs to accomplish the recipes

            1. re: iL Divo

              Here you go--these are for large loaves.

              Carris WW

              1/2 c milk
              1 c water
              2 tbs butter
              1 1/3 tbs molasses (or honey)
              2 2/3 tbs sugar
              1 1/3 tsp salt
              2 2/3 c bread flour
              1 1/3 c ww flour
              2 tsp yeast

              Haitian bread
              1 c water
              1 1/2 tbs oil
              3 tsp honey
              1/3 tsp salt
              1/2 tsp nutmeg
              3 c bread flour
              2 tsp yeast

              Tomato Herb Bread
              1 c v-8
              1 tbs olive oil
              3 c bread flour
              1 tsp salt, oregano, basil
              1 tbsp sugar
              3 tbsp parm reggiano
              1/2 tsp thyme
              1 1/2 tsp yeast

              1. re: chowser

                These look wonderful. Thank you Chowser. Gosh, which one to do first is my only question.
                What is the Carris WW? Is that someone's name or?
                I'd use the molasses, only because I ADORE molasses.
                Actually been known to just take a tablespoon to the jar and eat it straight up. For those of you who want your hair to stay darker longer naturally, it's said that you should eat straight up molasses out of the jar everyday, it does something to the hair shaft folicle.
                I'm angry at myself for jumping the gun this morning too early.
                My bread is already in the machine for our dinners' meal.
                I wish I'd have looked at the computer before doing my version of rye.
                Will make sure my son has bread flour in his freezer and molasses. I know he has neither. Oh, he'll also need WW flour too.
                The tomato herb bread sounds just right for a night of Claim Jumper copycat recipe meatloaf and good mashed potes!
                The extras added to the rye today were applesauce, melted butter {but only a tsp} fresh brand new caraway seeds that are {fabulous}, clementine flavored raisins that I got from Granville Island, red Hawaiian sea salt, fresh ground grains of paradise w/both kinds of flour, the smell in the house is magic.

                1. re: iL Divo

                  I think Carris is the person who developed the recipe. WW is whole wheat, sorry for the laziness. I like white whole wheat best in this recipe if you're going to get some. Good luck with it! Red Hawaiian sea salt sounds wonderul!!

                  1. re: chowser

                    I should have realized that. It's me that's lazy. WalMarchay has two different kinds of whole wheat flour. They come in plastic see through bags and although WM isn't a place I usually get my flour, I bought them both. Made my husband thoroughly read every word on both those bags to me out loud because I couldn't see the difference except for the obvious color, one was much lighter. The darker of the two I used for the WW [ ;) ] portion in the rye that is still waiting for dinner. I'm doing sliders of beef/veal/pork small meatballs for dinner and the rye bread is what they'll go on/in tonight for dinner. < making them into rolls that I'll cut in half once baked, to me, sounds like it'll work.

                    Every time I visit Hawaii, I go to Aloha Tower and buy whatever Hawaiian Sea Salt I find. It's nice to bring home and figure out what to add it to. Used the Tropical sea salt today on the pound cake that I'm just now baking in the oven. It's pinkish in color, just lightly sprinkled on top. Smells flowery, hope it works.