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Apr 20, 2010 01:13 PM

Any great recipes for champagne or wine punches?

We're in search of a good recipe for a champagne or wine punch (or even sangria) to serve at our wedding this summer. I have a few recipes we traditionally make---but they all involve some amount of hard alcohol, and unfortunately our venue does not allow any hard alcohol.

So now I'm on the hunt for a good spirits-free recipe that might pair well with salumi/cheese, gourmet pizza, and salads. This will be an outside garden party, but in a very moderate climate (so doesn't need to be super-cooling or refreshing, since we'll be lucky if it breaks 70!) We'll also be serving local beers and wines, so this is primarily for those guests who would otherwise have cocktails.

Any suggestions or starting points would be terrific---thanks!

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  1. I would suggest Kir, but kir is made with creme de cassis, which contains alcohol. I don't know if it's distilled or counts as hard liquor.
    The traditional Kir recipe calls for a white grape called aligote, but people often use other dry white wines and sparkling wines.
    I don't have a lot of experience, but I've found the quality of the creme de cassis is what is important. You can almost get away using a nice white box wine. It looks like you're in the Bay Area and K&L almost always has a good quality creme de cassis.
    For what it's worth, don't confuse creme de cassis with Cassis, a white wine from Provence.

    1. A search will unearth several threads with recipes of champagne punch, and also several with recipes for various kinds of sangria and mulled wine.

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        Thanks! I am assuming things like creme de cassis are considered spirits, but might potentially be able to sneak it in if we pre-mix it....I also debated whether one could argue that brandy is technically wine (but I think I'd lose that one!)

        Did find the recipes for both sangria and champagne punches in the archives, but unfortunately they virtually all have hard liquor or liqueurs in them (brandy/rum/cointreau for the sangria, wide range of things for the punches), so hoping I might be able to find some that will work. Alternatively, if anyone has good suggestions for non-alcoholic substitutions for the liqueurs that would make the recipes work, that would be terrific too.