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Lots o' jalapeños

I bought more than a dozen fresh jalapeños the other day, to make an appetizer, then discovered the dinner is a month away. I plan to make chiles rellenos en escabeche. Basically, you simmer the chiles briefly in water with some vinegar, oil, spices, onion etc, then cool and stuff. I probably will do either a tuna salad or marlin stuffing. BUT, of course this batch of chiles won't wait that long! Do you think I could cook them in escabeche and freeze them (without the filling)? Have you ever frozen chiles or peppers, either raw or cooked? Thanks for advice.

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  1. I make chilies in escabeche often as they are very popular with carrots and onions & served cold as an accompaniment to other Mexican food.

    Additionally, there is a lovely recipe for stuffed chilies in a book in which I was given credit: "Mexico the Beautiful here:


    It involves chilies that are roasted and stuffed with a tuna mixture in escabeche. I like to serve it at buffets or at events which suit cold or room temp food. Always get rave reviews.

    Chilies, once seeded and roasted freeze well although I almost never do it as fresh chilies are so plentiful.

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      Oh, I have that lovely book. I will look at the recipe. It might be better than the one I have used. Thanks

    2. Freezing fresh peppers is doable BUT you will lose the crunch, texture and the color won't be so nice either. I use it as a very last resort thing. If you cook them, en escabeche, they might survive a bit better. Roasting the chilies will greatly improve the possibility that they will be good.

      As an alternative, if jalapeños are cheap where you are, and I believe you are in Mexico, why don't you raw-pack pickle, with carrots and garlic, the ones you have, for snacking or whatever, and get some fresh ones closer to your dinner date.

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        That's a good idea. I don't want to roast them or peel them for the escabeche, so I guess I will just pickke these and get more later, as you suggested. I might mince some and try to make a relish.

      2. Jalapenos, once roasted and peeled, freeze quite successfully. Use them in omelets, scrambled eggs, soups, chili, quesadillas, to make a nice green sauce for enchiladas and the like, on sandwiches.....

        1. I blend them up into a paste then freeze. When I need some spice to a soup or marinade or what ever I just scoop some out. sometimes I make a pesto with it for eggs or spicy pasta.

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            That is a great idea! I usually just string them up and dry them. Then snap off what I need and rinse, chop and add. This only works well for sauces, soups, etc. but not so with what the OP has in mind.

            The chilies I got were free from a friend and free is always cheaper than the store, that's why I processed them that way.

          2. I have roasted and frozen fresh chiles successfully many times, for New Mexico chiles I use by the pound. For a dozen fresh jalapenos I would try a quick pickling and store them in the fridge.

            1. sweet pickle them to make Cowboy Candy! Usually done in a large batch, but you can do them like pickled beets, and this ad hoc version should suffice. Slice jalapenos into rings and set aside. Bring to a boil 1 part vinegar (plain white is fine) and two parts sugar. Add peppers and heat through. Simmer gently about 20 minutes til syrup thickens a little. Remove from heat and let stand until cool. Keep in covered container in refrigerator. Great for nachos or quesedillas.

              The original version calls for 5 pounds of peppers and a bag of sugar, but this will be just fine! Adding vinegar turns up the heat quotient, too. Substitute water if you prefer.

                1. Jalapenos are cheap. Eat these now and buy more later.

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                    Since my original query, I have pickled a bunch of jalapeños, and will keep some on hand at all times! They are better than the canned ones, and very easy to make. I have served them stuffed with tuna salad twice to friends, and everyone loves them! Plus, I put them in my sandwiches.
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