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Apr 20, 2010 12:54 PM

Lots o' jalapeños

I bought more than a dozen fresh jalapeños the other day, to make an appetizer, then discovered the dinner is a month away. I plan to make chiles rellenos en escabeche. Basically, you simmer the chiles briefly in water with some vinegar, oil, spices, onion etc, then cool and stuff. I probably will do either a tuna salad or marlin stuffing. BUT, of course this batch of chiles won't wait that long! Do you think I could cook them in escabeche and freeze them (without the filling)? Have you ever frozen chiles or peppers, either raw or cooked? Thanks for advice.

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  1. I make chilies in escabeche often as they are very popular with carrots and onions & served cold as an accompaniment to other Mexican food.

    Additionally, there is a lovely recipe for stuffed chilies in a book in which I was given credit: "Mexico the Beautiful here:

    It involves chilies that are roasted and stuffed with a tuna mixture in escabeche. I like to serve it at buffets or at events which suit cold or room temp food. Always get rave reviews.

    Chilies, once seeded and roasted freeze well although I almost never do it as fresh chilies are so plentiful.

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      Oh, I have that lovely book. I will look at the recipe. It might be better than the one I have used. Thanks

    2. Freezing fresh peppers is doable BUT you will lose the crunch, texture and the color won't be so nice either. I use it as a very last resort thing. If you cook them, en escabeche, they might survive a bit better. Roasting the chilies will greatly improve the possibility that they will be good.

      As an alternative, if jalapeños are cheap where you are, and I believe you are in Mexico, why don't you raw-pack pickle, with carrots and garlic, the ones you have, for snacking or whatever, and get some fresh ones closer to your dinner date.

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        That's a good idea. I don't want to roast them or peel them for the escabeche, so I guess I will just pickke these and get more later, as you suggested. I might mince some and try to make a relish.

      2. Jalapenos, once roasted and peeled, freeze quite successfully. Use them in omelets, scrambled eggs, soups, chili, quesadillas, to make a nice green sauce for enchiladas and the like, on sandwiches.....

        1. I blend them up into a paste then freeze. When I need some spice to a soup or marinade or what ever I just scoop some out. sometimes I make a pesto with it for eggs or spicy pasta.

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          1. re: Analisas mom

            That is a great idea! I usually just string them up and dry them. Then snap off what I need and rinse, chop and add. This only works well for sauces, soups, etc. but not so with what the OP has in mind.

            The chilies I got were free from a friend and free is always cheaper than the store, that's why I processed them that way.

          2. I have roasted and frozen fresh chiles successfully many times, for New Mexico chiles I use by the pound. For a dozen fresh jalapenos I would try a quick pickling and store them in the fridge.