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Strip Restaurant For A Crew With Lots Of Dietary Restrictions

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Hey All,

I'm trying to plan a great dinner for a party of 10+ people on or near the strip.

The rub is that the party includes vegans, diners who keep kosher, and a couple of perpetually dieting carb-o-phobes. We were thinking Nobu, but they make you pre-order for groups of ten or more, and the pre-order options didn’t look all that great.

I'm a big food snob, so if I'm paying strip prices I would like a great dining experience, but I don't know Vegas well enough to figure out what kitchen may be able to accommodate all of my friends. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Nobu Restaurant
4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

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  1. Your biggest problem is going to be Kosher. Nobu, like all of the other places to eat on the Strip, is not Kosher. Kosher fish must include fins and scales and cannot be a bottome feeder. In addition, shell fish and crustations are not Kosher. Serving fish without scales and fins and/or is a bottom feader, shell fish and crustations render any restaurant non Kosher. In addition, the kitchen must be under rabbinical supervision. I'd be surpised if the diners who keep Kosher would eat at a non Kosher restaurant. There are only two Kosher places to eat in Las Vegas.

    Nobu Restaurant
    4455 Paradise Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89169

    1. There is one Strip option that may work well - the Verandah at the Four Seasons (702-632-5000) does have a kosher kitchen (as far as I know the only one on the Strip). They may need a little heads up based on how many would be ordering kosher from your group, but it is a nice setting, with a menu that will also allow you to hit some high notes for yourself.

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        I thought the Four Season's kosher kitchen was for catering only. I could be mistaken.

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          A call to a Orthodox, thus kosher, friend confirmed that the kosher kitchen at the Four Seasons is strictly for catering. The Four Seasons website says they can do catering for few as nine people. It would appear that all ten people in your group would have to order kosher for the meal.

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            We can shed more light on that now - some friends had a party last year in which several of the participants kept kosher, but it was the catering at the Four Seasons, and not the Verandah itself, although they allowed the food to be brought down to the restaurant. So Eric is correct - the catering is the only real option for kosher, unless there would be the trouble of having the food cooked upstairs, and then brought down to the Verandah.

            1. re: QAW

              Thanks for all of the help. Our kosher friends have bowed out, so now we just need to deal with vegans and really, really skinny people.

              1. re: fbchase

                Well, I'd consider Sage, which does have a number of vegetarian options, and I know Alex is doing a three and five course vegetarian prix fixe, but I don't know whether either of those can do vegan/have vegan options on the regular menu.

      2. Wow. Good luck with that.

        While you're trying to find a kosher, vegan, Atkins restaurant, keep an eye out for a chupacabra will ya? :)