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Apr 20, 2010 12:07 PM

Death of a Classic - Pei Wei kills Blazing Noodles

I was told this recently by my local Pei Wei, and now its been confirmed by their new menu on their website. Pei Wei has gotten rid of their Blazing Noodles, by far my favorite, and the only genuinely spicy, dish on their menu. I guess they did it to bring back the chili ramen, but couldn't they dump and item like, oh, I don't know, their Japanese Teryaki? Blazing Noodles, you will be missed, but at least my Pei Wei addiction will be cured.

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    Found this when frantically searching for the Blazing noodles recipe... enjoy!

    1. I'm not sad because Blazing Noodles weren't remotely blazing.