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Apr 20, 2010 11:45 AM

Advice on purchasing a propane grill

I need to purchase a new propane grill. I would like to spend $250 or less, not including the tank. Can you offer me advice on BTUs, brands and any tips you might have that will help me make a good purchase? I like to grill about three times a week for my family of four, and every month or so for parties. I am on the westside of town in case you want to recommend stores. Thanks.

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  1. For that price, I would head to Home Depot. BTUs will only come into play if you are looking for built in or a larger bbq. Most bbq's these days are pretty standard in that price range. The variable you may have will be with a side burner or not.

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      Thanks so much. The Kenmore I'm considering has a side burner.

    2. Not sure if this will get nuked but ...

      I bought a Weber. They are extremely durable and dependable. They also have a support line which will help from connecting to cooking. You will find massive amounts of information on gas grills on their "Find a Grill" link at:

      Also, I have had excellent help at Barbecues Galore which has stores all over LA.

      Good luck.

      Barbecues Galore
      1700 E Ventura Blvd, Oxnard, CA 93036

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      1. Weber is great because they are a big company that probably is here to stay, and their lines are deep. A couple of problems I've run into with Weber is that the more common models seem to have one thing or another lacking, and it's usually concerning the durability factor for long range use. The higher-end models are usually much much harder to find at a brick&mortar - it seems they are never available at Home Depot-type retailers.

        You might consider not only the price, but also weigh in the factors of durability and smart design features as well. Grilling at least three times a week is going to put a lot of wear on the grills, and cleaning will also be an issue, so the material(s) used to make the grills and anything below the grills will be important as well. You're also going to consume a lot of propane if the grill doesn't have multiple burner zones. Also, no matter what unit you end up with, you should consider accessibility to replacement parts and accessories as well.

        I could be wrong but I have a feeling that if you stick with a $250 ceiling, you may severely limit your options. I could easily see you requiring a new grill or a serious overhaul of the existing one after a couple of years at the most. If I were you, I'd post on the "Cookware" board. There are some serious Hounds who could give you a lot of advice over on that board.

        Barbeques Galore has a shop on Hawthorne in Torrance, and Armand's is located on Venice Blvd and Main St in Culver City. You might want to stop by those two places and tug on their ears for any advice before you buy. Go in with an open mind but at the same time, don't go in intending to buy something. Armand's and BBQ Galore usually carry more serious grills and anything new technology-wise but they're going to be marked up higher as well. Also, any replacement parts for their grills will probably be more difficult to access.

        Another option is to look on Craig's List for a used one. With so many foreclosures, who knows what you might find there.

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        1. re: bulavinaka

          I think $300+ does get me a better grill. Thanks for all the advice. BBQs Galore was helpful.

        2. I found the best deal at Lowes a couple years ago. BBQ's Galore was definitely was over priced compared to the same models elsewhere.

          I think I spent about $300-$350 on my propane grill and it definitely suffers from uneven cooking and the times I've tried to keep the lid closed to roast some ribs, the temperature gauge fluctuated so much, I pulled them off to finish in the oven.

          Soon, I'll be trading it in for this.

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          1. re: Azizeh

            Charcoal's the way to go baby! And that propane starter is a nice touch. Another advantage about this model is you can pick up a replacement grill at most places that carry a decent inventory of Weber products, or just order it online.

            1. re: bulavinaka

              Have to agree with the charcoal. However gotta like the convenience of propane. Therefore I opted for both. And for $300 you couldn't go wrong.


              They have it at Lowes and if you search the net - find a lower price and then Lowes will beat the price by I think 10%. BTW its the same brand that the Neely's use on Food Network (big fan of Memphis BBQ).

              1. re: gordo26

                I just took a quick look - interesting. Looks similar to a typical Southern style bbq unit but with two separate lids. Has it held up well, and can replacement parts be bought in-store or ordered? Thanks.

                1. re: bulavinaka

                  It has held up extremely well. I have the cover and it been functioning great. I pretty much got rid of three bbq (propane, charcoal, and smoker) for this one.

                  Customer service has been really good as well. My propane line for some reason malfunctioned and they sent out a replacement unit in a few days free of charge. No issues since.

                  1. re: gordo26

                    Wow - that does sound great from every angle. BBQs in general seem relatively bullet-proof, but even these can obviously have issues that require some sort of customer support as both you and I have mentioned in various ways. It's so important to consider this aspect when picking a grill that will be used regularly for the long term, IMHO. Good to hear you really enjoy this unit, and maybe this might be one that the OP can consider...

            2. re: Azizeh

              That grill looks great. Enjoy your summer grilling on the new one.

              1. re: clairetheo

                Thank you!

                Sur La Table has a model in store and it's hard to not walk away with it every time I go in there.

                Like most people, I love the charcoal taste, but the annoyance and hassle has kept me away. I think this one solves the problem.

            3. Weber is a great grill to get. They cook evenly and are a durable grill. Propane tank I personally stay away from the blue rhino. I use to work for a place dealing with propane and tanks and those had problems. I would get one you can fill on your own, on your first fill make sure you purge the tank. The place that usually will purge and fill is U haul. Like others said though if you have time and are patient Charcoal is the best way to go.

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              1. re: mikef42

                Interesting about the tank. Thanks.