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Apr 20, 2010 11:15 AM

Stella! is out, need a fantastic Monday night Trip Ender

Monday is the last night in my 3 night New Orleans trip, and consequently my night to pick a restaurant for dinner. My original choice was Stella! based on the originality of the menu, and the reputation of Scott Boswell. But after reading over some comments here and on Yelp, I get the since that while the food often hits the mark, the service and overall atmosphere is quite stuffy, and possibly unnecessarily formal. WIth my folks fitting the bill, this sort of atmosphere is not to their liking, and could result in a less than pleasurable experience.

And not to start a debate on Stella!'s service, or formal vs. informal service; I'm simply looking for a great 'modern' New Orleans restaurant for my pick. I had a nice tasting menu about August last year, but would like to try somewhere else.

Some thoughts I had: Coquette, Herbsaint, MiLa. Any other recs would be great. Thanks again!!

701 Saint Charles Avenue, New Orleans, LA 70130

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    1. re: GDPhalp

      I thought about them, looks great. Unfortunately closed on Mondays.

      1. re: ingramcol

        In terms of atmosphere I think Coquette would probably be more to your liking. They aren't superduper casual but I've never felt overwhelmed by formality sitting at the bar trying all their yummy cocktails.

    2. Emeril's.................

      Emeril's Restaurant
      800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

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      1. re: Littleman

        Emeril's is an excellent choice. Coquette as well.

        Emeril's Restaurant
        800 Tchoupitoulas, New Orleans, LA 70130

      2. I wish you luck. You have some good recs. What I do not understand is why Stella! does not get more respect here. Do not know about Yelp.

        We've now dined there four times and I've done 2-3 reviews. Some here complain that it is not "old school NOLA cuisine," and I agree. However, we have had nothing short of very good, and most visits have been excellent.

        I have to admit that the setting is not loud, frat-party, but it's anything but stuffy. I know "stuffy," as I dine at many multi-starred restaurants in Europe and the UK. Stella! is anything but.

        Still, many want a college inn sort of atmosphere, so to each, their own.



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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          Thanks for the flip-side of the coin opinion. And I agree, people definitions of 'stuffy' can vary wildly depending on what they're used to, and where they have dined before. It was just the overwhelming # of comments on awkward, overly formal service. I try to do a good job and gain some perspective on the posters, ie, was the food just outside of their comfort zone, have they ever dealt with a sommelier before. And it seemed people with solid legs to stand on, were making strong critiques of the dining room.

          But, from my brief time on this board, I see that you are an authority here, so I value your opinion highly. (EDIT: Value everyone's opinion, thanks all for responding)

          I've got reservations at both Stella! & Coquette, and depending on their respective cancellation policies, I will probably make a decision a couple days out.