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Apr 20, 2010 11:08 AM

Mexican food stand - Elephant & Castle/London

I was passing through the new Sunday food market and came across this little Mexican stall, serving burritos and rice dishes. The owner is a young Mexican guy who was very jovial. I had the Cochinita pubil with red rice and guacomole, black beans and green salsa. The dish was good - all fresh and tasty and the green salsa was properly spicy - a large carton cost £4.50 abd filled me up for hours. I'm gonna by-pass Cilango's for my Mexican fix in favour for this great little stall! I didn't get a chance to study the rest fo the menu but I will when I do back.

The rest of the food market has a Hungarian pastry stand, along with Jamaican, Chinese and British cuisine.

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  1. Sounds great! Where is it, exactly?

    1. Is this the same as Buen Provecho, usually in Waterloo:

      1. Yum. Yes, where is it - inside? The Buen Provecho looks delish Ibrahim and thanks for the link. Hope it is the same guy.

        1. yeah Arturo (Buen Provecho) has started setting up at Elephant on Sundays. He serves tacos, not burritos, and they're the best damn tacos in London. Every other day but saturday he's down on Lower Marsh. His cochinita pibil is insane, and the mole he makes on friday is excellent also. Plus he's a lovely guy. Would certainly recommend anyone who is unable to hit him up in waterloo on a weekday lunch drop by on him one sunday.

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          1. re: skut

            Thanks for confirming, skut! I haven't seen him around in Waterloo lately (past two weeks) and was worried he wasn't coming back but I'm glad to hear he's found another pitch.

            Agree with you about his tacos. So good!

            1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

              nah dude, picked up tacos off him last friday, he told me about his new sunday spot. He's about, just getting so mobbed these days you can't sometimes see him through the crowd.

              1. re: skut

                Haha! I saw him today. What a guy.

                By the way, I don't mean to direct the thread away from Mexican food but have you tried the jerk chicken from that park across the street? Any good?

                1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

                  you know what, I remember it being pretty good. To be perfectly honest I tend not to have much of an appetite round the middle of the day, so one taco from Arturo is normally all that's required, whereas a full on jerk feast would be way too much, however I did go once last year and was impressed, and have also heard good things from others, though not from anyone with a particularly educated palate, generally or in matters jerk.

                  1. re: skut

                    I hope it's good! I love Jerk, but everywhere I try out tends to disappoint these days.

                    I still go by Tasty Jerk in Thorton Heath or Tickle Me in West Norwood. Tasty Jerk is excellent, better than the stuff I had in Jamaica!

                2. re: skut

                  I been looking for a good taco for ages...Where is he at Waterloo and what time does he start?

              2. re: skut

                So he's the dude at Lower Marsh! Thanks for the info.

                1. re: cathodetube

                  I believe the sunday food stalls set up on the low level round the bottom of the shopping centre

                  1. re: skut

                    Yep, he's right outside the entrance to Tesco's.