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Mexican food stand - Elephant & Castle/London

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I was passing through the new Sunday food market and came across this little Mexican stall, serving burritos and rice dishes. The owner is a young Mexican guy who was very jovial. I had the Cochinita pubil with red rice and guacomole, black beans and green salsa. The dish was good - all fresh and tasty and the green salsa was properly spicy - a large carton cost £4.50 abd filled me up for hours. I'm gonna by-pass Cilango's for my Mexican fix in favour for this great little stall! I didn't get a chance to study the rest fo the menu but I will when I do back.

The rest of the food market has a Hungarian pastry stand, along with Jamaican, Chinese and British cuisine.

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  1. Sounds great! Where is it, exactly?

    1. Is this the same as Buen Provecho, usually in Waterloo:

      1. Yum. Yes, where is it - inside? The Buen Provecho looks delish Ibrahim and thanks for the link. Hope it is the same guy.

        1. yeah Arturo (Buen Provecho) has started setting up at Elephant on Sundays. He serves tacos, not burritos, and they're the best damn tacos in London. Every other day but saturday he's down on Lower Marsh. His cochinita pibil is insane, and the mole he makes on friday is excellent also. Plus he's a lovely guy. Would certainly recommend anyone who is unable to hit him up in waterloo on a weekday lunch drop by on him one sunday.

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            Thanks for confirming, skut! I haven't seen him around in Waterloo lately (past two weeks) and was worried he wasn't coming back but I'm glad to hear he's found another pitch.

            Agree with you about his tacos. So good!

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              nah dude, picked up tacos off him last friday, he told me about his new sunday spot. He's about, just getting so mobbed these days you can't sometimes see him through the crowd.

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                Haha! I saw him today. What a guy.

                By the way, I don't mean to direct the thread away from Mexican food but have you tried the jerk chicken from that park across the street? Any good?

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                  you know what, I remember it being pretty good. To be perfectly honest I tend not to have much of an appetite round the middle of the day, so one taco from Arturo is normally all that's required, whereas a full on jerk feast would be way too much, however I did go once last year and was impressed, and have also heard good things from others, though not from anyone with a particularly educated palate, generally or in matters jerk.

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                    I hope it's good! I love Jerk, but everywhere I try out tends to disappoint these days.

                    I still go by Tasty Jerk in Thorton Heath or Tickle Me in West Norwood. Tasty Jerk is excellent, better than the stuff I had in Jamaica!

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                  I been looking for a good taco for ages...Where is he at Waterloo and what time does he start?

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                So he's the dude at Lower Marsh! Thanks for the info.

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                  I believe the sunday food stalls set up on the low level round the bottom of the shopping centre

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                    Yep, he's right outside the entrance to Tesco's.

                2. Thanks for the tip! I live about ten minutes away and barely ever have time to make it over to Buen Provecho during the week. I've long wondered why there isn't Mexican food in this neighborhood. However, there are wonderful empanadas at a small Bolivian cafe on Old Kent Road.

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                    What is the name of this Bolivian cafe?

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                      would that be Parilladas del Sur?

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                        No... I can't remember offhand but it's up the road from the twin South American restaurants just past Lidl, in a covered market selling mobile phones and that sort of thing.

                    2. Hi, this sounds great. What are the opening times for the Sunday food market? Anyone have any info on any of the other stalls?

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                      1. After trying this stall in Lower Marsh on Wednesday I went to the Elephant today to see if he was there. He wasn't and the local stallholders said he had last been there about 3 weeks ago. The food I had on Wednesday was superb. He does 3 tacos for five pounds. Plus you get to help yourself to guacamole and 3 different types of delicious fresh salsas you can see him making in front of you. One was pico de gallo, another was marinated onions with lime juice and chile, and there was a smokey tomato one as well. I had a a pork taco, a poblano chile one and a beef one. He also offered a refreshing hibiscus drink served in a plastic pint glass with ice. If you have kids who don't like spicy food then they could have a cheese quesadilla. The tortillas were made with white corn and were delicious. I bought some to take away as they freeze well. Would love to know if he is there next week as the Sunday market is not far from where I live.

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                          Hoping to go tmw. Will report back if he there. Taking my mexican loving brother with me. Excited!

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                            Spoke to Arturo today and he said he would be at Waterloo for the rest of this week and also next week. His normal days are Tuesday to Fridays. He won't be at the Elephant for the next three Sundays. Enjoy!

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                              He wasn't there today!! We walked to the end of Lower marsh and back up again, there were 2 asian food stalls and one guy said he hadn't seen Arturo's stand for a bit. We were GUTTED. I have posted on facebook asking him to let us know when he would be there again. Will try again next week. On FB he says it's only 2 min from waterloo, it can't be that far down the road, surely?

                              1. re: kookiegoddess

                                He was definitely there on Wednesday!!

                                1. re: kookiegoddess

                                  That's a shame! He is at the very end of Lower Marsh - down by Waterloo Road. He told me he was going to be there this week and next, but not Monday. There are different ways to get to Lower Marsh from the station. Hopefully he will reply to you on Facebook.

                          2. I made it to the stand on Lower Marsh today. I really enjoyed everything I ate - it's fresh and authentic and very tasty. I've never been a great fan of Tex-Mex, even when I lived in Tucson for awhile, but I've always liked quesadillas and these were very good and nice value for money. I tried a few of the tacos, too, as long as I was there. :-)

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                            1. re: zuriga1

                              best tacos in london. hands down. i made sure to see him on cinco de mayo . . he also had killer homemade horchada

                              viva arturo!

                              1. re: patrad

                                You have very good taste in food for such a small boy. :-) Yes, Arturo is quite a find. I have a Mexican friend who is now chefing in NYC. I told him to come over here and open a proper restaurant!

                            2. Arturo is at his Lower Marsh pitch today, tomorrow and Wednesday, Saw him yesterday at Elephant and Castle.

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                              1. re: cathodetube

                                I went today! It was great, I loved the red onion salsa and the guacamole - really tangy and fresh, I'll take more next time! I had the pork in achiote and orange, with red rice and beans. All very delicious and it was nice that he didn't dump lots of sour cream or cheese on it all!

                                Can't wait to go back and try the other dishes.

                                Thanks for flagging this place up everyone!

                                1. re: kookiegoddess

                                  Just got my lunch from there today and he mentioned he was going to Mexico tomorrow for a few weeks so dont think he will be around for a while I'm afraid!

                                  1. re: pj26

                                    I was there too! Yes he's going for two weeks. He also mentioned that he does a home catering service for parties etc.

                                    1. re: daisyK

                                      Yes the reason I posted it again was because he originally said he was going away a few weeks ago but didn't. He is back sometime in July.

                                    2. re: pj26

                                      I confess I went back today.... He was just packing up so I got to taste some of everything and extra salsas for free! I would say don't bother with the beef, the meat is a little chewy and lacks flavour. The mole was a lot more subtle than I was expecting, but it has a lovely sweetness to it. I think I like the pork in achiote best.

                                      He did mention he was going away for a couple of weeks, I asked if he would put his dates up on his facebook page... hope he comes back with some exciting recipes to add to the stand! I'm looking forward to trying his veggie options too.

                                    3. re: kookiegoddess

                                      Ok. I guess I'll be the lone voice of dissent here. I was there a couple weeks ago and wasn't too impressed.

                                      I'm not sure what he's trying to do but I had three tacos of 3 different types (carne en su jugo, cochinita pibil, and one other). He grills the tortillas and they're a bit too crusty for me. Then he takes fillings which are far too wet to be a good taco filling. Carne en su jugo is a good example. This is usually served as a soup. In a taco, the whole thing became a tortilla soup. The Cochinita pibil was tasty but then cochinita pibil is really hard to get wrong. Overall, it was good, not bad, but nothing great.

                                      Still, the salsas were extremely good. And I wish the guy well. London needs more vendors like him. But it is not enough of a reason for me think of returning. Not with so many other lunch options out there.

                                      1. re: r.vacapinta

                                        i agree w/ both of those bits of criticism (my tortilla was also too crispy, and my pork was too liquidy, i prefer a bit of crispiness to it) but i still thought this was the best taco i've had in london

                                        1. re: r.vacapinta

                                          Would have thought the liquidy fillings would have offset the crusty tortillas. I've never found them too crispy. Could always ask for less liquid to be added. Or ask for some rice to mop up the juice.

                                    4. Anyone know if Arturo is back from holidays and at lower marsh this week at all?

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                                      1. re: petejonesmusic

                                        I think he has a Facebook page (if you look at that). It seems to me his time for a holiday should be up now. Come to think of it, I'm not sure what he's listed as on FB. I have his card here somewhere if you have a problem. It lists his email.

                                        1. re: petejonesmusic

                                          I saw him on Lower Marsh on Friday last week, but he wasn't there yesterday, so I settled for a crepe (which was delicious). I work nearby so will head there again today, I fancy some tacos!

                                        2. Unfortunately, he is now longer at E&C but is still at Lower Marsh. Last time I went to Lower Marsh they were packing up because they were sold out.....note to self, get there earlier.

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                                            They are so popular now - I had the same experience a couple of weeks ago, all sold out by 12.30pm!