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Apr 20, 2010 10:23 AM

cheap birthday meal in Brooklyn?

I'm looking to do a cheap birthday get together for about 15 people in mid-May. Ideally, some place that has cheap drinks or BYOB, and inexpensive but tasty food. For reference, I did a similar outing @ Dinosaur BBQ last year, which was perfect. Did a drinking fest at Brooklyn Brewery and ordered pizzas 2 years ago. Something in that vein, but South Brooklyn (Bococa, Red Hook, etc) would be ideal. I was thinking a picnic at the red hook ball fields, but i thought it would be a mess to coordinate w/ the lines, plus the hassle of public drinkin.

Do you guys have any ideas?

Brooklyn Brewery
79 N 11th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. The backyard at the Ice House (Red Hook) is great. They also have great pulled pork sliders (plus other bar food that is above average). It's pretty much a dive, but we love the cheap beer and awesome pork sliders.

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      this is in line w/ what i was thinking. they have a backyard?

    2. check out Fast and Fresh Deli on hoyt street between atlantic ave and state street. it's not BYOB, but the food (mexican) and the beers are cheap, and they have an outdoor space that you can have all to yourself... the food's great and the atmosphere is different/fun.

      i had a birthday dinner (12 people) at ghang thai on smith street last year, which IS byob. ended up costing less than $20 a person all told, and i think their thai is much better (and spicier) than joya.

      finally, my favorite BYO in brooklyn is A Bistro. i've been there when they've had large parties set up before (12+) and the food is really, really amazing. it's a bit far from the subway and easier to make a reservation for such a large party on a non-weekend evening, but they also do brunch on the weekend if you're looking for something mid-day.

      154 Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205

      Fast and Fresh Deli
      84 Hoyt St, Brooklyn, NY 11201