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Apr 20, 2010 10:22 AM

Orlando - Vero Beach

Hi, Folks!

I will be in Orlando for a conference (limited time for meals) and in Vero Beach for fun (but just two days) from May 4-May 9. I will be solo, and will have a car. I like eating at places that will have food indigenous to area (conch, florida schrimp, avacado, etc.). I don't eat breakfast - prefer two meal on vacation - an early lunch and late dinner. If possible, I like to walk to dinner. I'm staying at JW Marriot in Orlando and Costa d'Este in Vero Beach. After reviewing your Board and a few other places, here is a draft of what I am considering. I could really use some help with Sunday! Check-out is at 11:00, I need to be at Orlando Airport by 4:00. Would prefer to spend as much of my time Sunday on/near the ocean as possible. Your thoughts, comments, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Tuesday evening: Norman's (I know, Primo is getting the rave's, but Normans' menu just looks more interesting to me)
Wednesday lunch: Ravenous Pig or Washington Shores Fish Market (was considering 4 Rivers Smokehouse, but just got back from Tennessee last month and am a bit BBQ'ed out).

Vero Beach:
Friday night: Oriente. Have seen mixed reviews, but by the time I get there I think I just want to crash on home base.
Saturday lunch: Squid Lips (will be in Sebastion for a pontoon ecology tour)
Saturday dinner: MT's Chophouse
Sunday lunch: HELP!!!

Thank you!!!

Washington Shores Fish Market
3593 Columbia St, Orlando, FL 32805

MT's Chophouse
3833 NW 97th Blvd, Gainesville, FL 32608

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  1. the orlando choices look great! make sure to make reservations for ravenous pig though!

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    1. re: pdpredtide

      Thanks for the tip. I never seem to think to make reservations for lunch!

    2. Have to agree, very solid Orlando choices - I'm sure you've seen the ravenous pig can I go alone post. That was very helpful for me because I have yet to go and I'm thinking about just going when I have time and not having to scedule it with the busy people in my life when I am also busy.

      Also since you have a car If you have a sweet tooth check out Fortuna Bakery on John Young Parkway. The menu is all in spanish but the girls there will help you out. great coffee, deserts, empanadas.

      Also I agree with your choice not to go to four rivers - It is a little out of you way and super busy with only outside seating. Don't get me wrong I love the place but it doesn't make sense for you and afer coming off so much BBQ.

      1. A recommendation for your Sunday: Grills in Port Canaveral. Great Brunch / lunch menu, very affordable and nice scenery.

        1. As an alternative for Sunday, I can recommend the brunch at River Rocks. It has a great selection of both breakfast & lunch items & you can sit outside & enjoy some great views of the Indian River. The place is about a five minute drive from I-95's Exit 191. Just remember that you're going on Mother's Day, so you'll probably need a reservation.