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Apr 20, 2010 09:46 AM

Excellent Pies!

Had two great pies -- savory cheese and herb pie and the sweet pear and brie - - at the new Bakery/Cafe, Four & Twenty Blackbirds on the corner of 3rd Ave. and 8th St.
Very high quality, made with care. Not huge slices for 4.50 but then local diners charge almost the same for larger mediocre slices. My only complaint: as of yet no hot tea. They have a daily changing roster of six or so pies.

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  1. They've got hot tea now, from Harney & Sons no less. Incidentally, this is an excellent place to work: large tables, excellent wi-fi, good light. My only qualm is that their (very good) iced tea is a phenomenal rip off at $2.50 for what can't be more than 8 ounces.

    1. I was thinking of trying a pie from there but it is crazily expensive.
      Considering their low overhead, I cannot contribute to the scam.

      1. Strawberry Pie has OK flavor, as has the Pear Ginger Pie. Fillings are not over goopy. Decent overcrust and moist to soggy under crust. Not special pie. Not great coffee. I'd have to hear many good reports to bring me back

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          I don't know if the place has changed since the June 2010 posts above, but I'm surprised the posts are so negative. I had a large slice of salted caramel apple pie today and DELICIOUS Irving Farm coffee. My only complaint was the small selection -- choice of only three non-savory pies.
          One of the bakers said they froze a bunch of berries in the summer, which they saving for a berry blast in January. Stay tuned!

          1. re: parkslopemama

            I saw a profile of them recently on the Cooking Channel. I pass by everyday on my way home from work and have never seen anyone in there. I have been curious about the salted caramel apple pie. The one time I attempted to go in, they were closed...on a Wednesday, 2 P.M.

            My husband and I make jokes about how up until recently I thought it was a bar.