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Apr 20, 2010 09:29 AM

YYC Fiddleheads

It's that time of year. Anyone seen em' yet? Or ramps?

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  1. Have not seen them yet...usually its the 1st/2nd week in May before they begin to appear.

    1. I've never seen them...where can you usually get them? \\

      I've heard great things and want to try...

      1. I saw some at CFM this past weekend. Forget which stand though. I'll let you know if I see them again this weekend.

        1. Co-op and Superstore carry the fiddleheads.

          1. I saw fiddleheads at the Cherry Pit (CFM) last weekend. $5.99 roughly for a clamshell.

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            1. re: nutellaluvr

              In Edmonton I just bought them at IGA.