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Apr 20, 2010 08:55 AM

White Tuna Sashimi

Anybody tried the white tuna sashimi? It's the first time I've tried in a sushi bar here in N. Va. I had my regular sushi order at the bar when the chef offered be a complimentary white tuna sashimi. I thought is was hamachi but it was not. It's flesh is white and very oily (buttery) fish.

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  1. Yes, I get it a lot.
    Also known as "Escarole", "White Tuna" sashimi is a white, very oily fish. The flesh is buttery in consistency, much like the prized Toro. A serving of 3 thinly sliced pieces of sashimi should weigh approximately 3 oz. It is high in fat but also high in protein.

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      Just be careful about overdoing the escolar. You might not like the results. That being said, I do like the texture and it is available at a lot of the sushi bars in our area.

      1. re: PollyG

        IMO, it's extremely misleading to classify it as "white tuna" as that typically calls to mind albacore tuna, which has a whiter color than the other tunas (and is an actual tuna, unlike escolar.

        I'd be wary of any place that sells Escolar as "white tuna", especially if they don't warn you about the possible effects.

        1. re: hye

          White Tuna is definitely tricky. It is generally (as readers have noted), escolar or albacore tuna. Escolar is buttery, and really white (it can also be referred to as Super White Tuna). Albacore tuna usually looks like a paler tuna. I wrote about dangers of escolar here:

          and how to figure out which of the two you are getting at a sushi bar here (has pics):

          1. re: Pablo Escolar

            If people want to eat Escolar that's their own business, but I still can't believe that it is legal to sell Escolar as "white tuna." If you can change the name of any fish just to sell more product, why don't we let businesses call everything tuna so they can get a better price for it?

      2. re: bmore_flavor

        It's called Escolar or White Tuna it is absolutely buttery delicious. You can order from Catalina Offshore online. It's not a bad price 2.2lbs for $31.99 plus shipping.

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        1. It tastes good. But I'd probably just have one piece as your body doesn't absorb that oil.

          1. Had escolar listed as white tuna last night, recently defrosted by sushi restaurant, so texture was very 'wet' and not pleasing. Thanks for health alert, was not aware of issue before this thread. In Japan ate a lot of albacore at Tsukiji and was always listed as albacore, last night was in Florida.

            1. Albacore = binaga, bincho (sometimes referring to the belly part), bincho maguro, and used to be "seared white tuna".

              Escolar = snake mackeral. Sometimes marketed or re-branded as "butterfish", walu, ono (whether really from Hawaii or not), and the gimmicky "super white tuna" as already mentioned. Easily found (and fairly cheap to buy in bulk) at Korean and Chinese run Japanese restaurants and Asian buffets. There are some Japanese run Japanese restaurants in the USA that may offer this for whatever reason.

              Bottom line, I prefer no anal leakage of mineral oils.