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Apr 20, 2010 08:24 AM

Monmouth County Bartenders

Who are your favorite bartenders in Monmouth County? Maybe a favorite lifer at the local comfortable spot, or maybe a bartender who helped make a new restaurant experience memorable. Anyone who feels like detailing your favorite gin slinger send a reply, be a nice way to recognize some stellar individuals who make our favorite restaurants happen. Let's do first names only, positive superlatives only, no negativity please.

Some of mine... Lil from Jack's in West End, Long Branch. Cool yet affable, doesn't take crap from Monmouth kids, devoted lunchtime crowd of regulars for burgers blue moons and bud and shot guys hanging out. all around awesome bartender

Frank, don't know if he's still at Langosta Lounge, waited on us a few times, quality suggestions and nicely made margaritas. knew him from the lakehouse in loch arbour, his presence always denotes a good dining/drinking experience.

Also, Nancy at The Porch in Spring Lake Heights is very inviting and has a great, relaxed lunch.

Langosta Lounge
1000 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

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  1. I remember Nancy. We don't get to the Porch much since the food is pretty common, but she was good.

    I'll add Sue at Maria's in Manasquan for her ability to have your drink made before the second cheek hits the stool!

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      Guy at Stella Marina. Makes the best drinks and has a wonderful personality.

      Stella Marina Bar & Restaurant
      1200 Ocean Ave, Asbury Park, NJ 07712

    2. Christine at Danny's Steakhouse in Red Bank. My wife says she makes the best cosmo. I just enjoy her attitude and upbeat personality.

      1. Your description of Lily from Jack's is spot on! Love that girl!

        I love Norm and John from Charley's in Long Branch. They know how to treat their regulars, and they both make a mean cosmo... in a pint glass! (Why am I not there now?)

        1. haha i figured there was a larger population of drinkers on this board. i'll add another then to keep it alive haha, i like all the brickwall bartenders, especially Alicia, Kelly and Casey

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            Hey Longbranchgourmet, welcome to Chow!

            I do love Brickwall, but I've found their bar service to be hit-or-miss, though usually on the 'hit' side. But between the crowd and volume there, there are times when getting a drink can be annoying as hell.

            I'm partial to pretty much everyone at Jack's, they run a great bar there.

            I've actually been most impressed with the cocktails the bartenders at Avenue are putting out...they're doing some impressive work with drinks there.

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              the two jasons at avenue are great