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bad pizza in calgary

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I recently visited some friends in Calgary, and we decided to have pizza for dinner. After a short web search using yelp an the friendly advice at chowhound, we picked Pizza Bob's as it was close to their house in Kensingtons, offered thin crust and got favourable reviews.

This place is crap. I don't know how else to put it. The crust was thin, alright, but it was also over baked so it was cracked, hard and stiff. No chew. It was like a cracker. The toppings were ample, but so ample they weren't in proportion to the cheese and kept falling off into the box or plate off the inflexible crust. They also weren't of top fresh quality as the box claimed. The box also claims a stone oven baking, but I'm pretty sure the pizzas were just keeping warm in a faux stone oven facaded oven.

We chose it over the nearby Demetris which might have been better. However, it has apparently recently changed hands. My friend's boss, who lives in the neighbourhood called her at home one night to tell her to never go there again; it's not the same as it was.

I never thought I'd say this, but are we really that spoiled for thin crust in Edmonton? What's going on with pizza in Calgary, friends? Do you have any better recommendations for my next visit?

Pizza Bob's Classic Pie
2610 Kensington Rd NW, Calgary, AB , CA

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  1. Sorry, I've always enjoyed Bob's as well. An 'off' night in the kitchen, perhaps?

    1. This is the same issue that we hear over and over - people's preference for pizza style is so different and so many considerations. Just to name a few:

      Crust: chewy, thick, thin, deep dish, square, round, yeast, flour type??
      Toppings: lots? little? cheesy? fresh? pre-cooked? un-cooked?
      Sauce: type, amount, fresh, under or over toppings?

      Almost every thread about pizza results in a debate because personal tastes/preference differ so much.

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        LOL isn't that true. My SO loves pub-style pizzas the more cheese the better. I hate them. Fortunately we don't have pizza very often.

      2. It's my understanding that Pizza Bob's is a former off-shoot of the calgary chain, Tom's House of Pizza, as Bob has gone out on his own (don't quote me on that... just something I've been told).

        While I've never been to Bob's, I've been to cousin "Tom's House of Pizza" more times than I can count, and love it every time. Thin crust, lots of fresh toppings, and specifically, I love the peperonni. Some of my favorite pizza in Calgary.

        1. Personally, if I had someone in from out of town who wanted pizza, I would choose Pulcinella or Una: they are both more of an "event" place, a place that, while maybe not to everyone's taste, would show case something interesting, different, and they are both busy and fun. Most of the other options are good pizza joints, or small family places that are fine but nothing wow: much as I like Il Centro, for example, I wouldn't go to all of the trouble to take someone there from out of town unless we were close by and compliant with their limited hours, and same for Rea's: it's good, sure, especially if you happen live close by, it's a warm and busy family place, but I am betting that there are similar places in Edmonton

          Rea's Italian Cucina
          431 41 Ave NE, Calgary, AB T2E, CA

          , New York, AB , USA

          Il Centro
          6036 3 St SW #106, Calgary, AB T2H 0H9, CA

          1147 Kensington Crescent NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1X7, CA

          1. i'm not sure why my earlier post was deleted - I made several recommendations for good pizza in that area of Calgary. (is one prohibited from saying that Famoso is soggy pizza?) anyhow, I've had nothing but great experiences at Pizza Bob's.

            1. While Pizza Bob's is not my favourite either I have always had good pizza there, I'm just not thrilled with their prices. Demetris is always my go to place for great pizza (which is not the topic here) but if you live in the area you should give it a go. They've been around since the mid 80s for a reason, and I really hope ownership hasn't changed.

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                Ownership at Demetris has not changed. I spoke to the owner about a week ago when I picked up a pizza. This is the same man as it always has been. He did mention to me that since he has been getting older, he has had to close earlier on Friday and Saturday nights, as it is too much work. That is unfortunate, he has good pizza!