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Apr 20, 2010 08:21 AM

Strapazza in Columbia (also in Towson) for Italian/Pizza opinions?

What do you all think about this? Interestingly I was told by someone that it was just like the food he had in Italy. good prices too. I ate here once a long time ago and also somewhat recently for a pizza. pretty decent. also how would this compare to the other Italian restaurants in the area?

I live within a couple miles of Strapazza which is good for me.

some good reviews:

12 Allegheny Ave, Towson, MD 21204

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  1. It's ok. Very similiar to the Pasta Blitz locations; I think there's some relatioship there.

    Pasta Blitz
    11550 Philadelphia Rd Ste 100, White Marsh, MD 21162

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    1. re: Jason1

      I agree. The pizza (and for that matter the pasta dishes we have had) is consistently good, The crust is chewy, a bit thicker than, say, Iggie's, but a bit thinner than Matthew's. I have mostly been to Towson location.

      1. re: lawhound

        IIRC, the Columbia location either doesn't serve pizza or serves only small ones. It's been years since I've been there (it was always disappointing to me -- not bad, just not great).

        1. re: JonParker

          They do have pizza, I work around the corner from there and walk past it alot. I haven't eaten there so I don't know what the quality is. They did have a lunch special of 2 slices and a soda.

    2. You know, we live about 3 miles from the Columbia one and used to eat there fairly often. We thought it was decent neighborhood Italian and no complaints. We more often go to Stella Notte now, I can't think why we quit going to Strapazza. Now that I'm reading these pleasant reports, we'd better go back.

      Stella Notte
      8809 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21043

      12 Allegheny Ave, Towson, MD 21204

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      1. re: ivysmom

        Strapazza used to be Pikesville MD.. It was so rotten and awful it went out of business.

      2. I actually went to the Towson location recently. While driving through town, we were drawn in by the idea of eating al fresco one warm March weeknight evening. We ordered their version of the margherita pizza, which was described by the waiter as "it has the kind of mozzerella in the water" and basil "that you can pick off if you don't like it." It was cute, I guess. The pizza was OK, firmly OK.

        The waiter was described by my date as "the most stressed out waiter in the world." Perhaps he was left alone to deal with the late evening's customers. We were the only table still being served, though many other tables were occupied. While waiting maybe 10 minutes for our table to be cleared off, we spoke to at least 5 different staff members about it. To his credit, he was the only one to take action, remove dishes & wipe it down for us.

        I dont think I would return for the food..