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Apr 20, 2010 07:56 AM

is it the food or the fry?

a number of people i know claim to like certain foods only when they're deep-fried. i contend that in those cases, it's not the food they like, rather the fry. typically, the batter and grease (and usually salt) so overwhelm whatever the carrier is that most of it's characteristics are heavily overshadowed. not to say that fried can't be a good thing, just that if that's the only form in which one will eat something, then it's not the food itself that one likes.

any thoughts?

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  1. It's definitely the fry. You can fry your shoelace and it will taste good. I don't eat seafood, but after a few drinks I've been known to scoop of fried calamari or shrimp because I'm just loving the grease and salt.