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Apr 20, 2010 07:48 AM

Searching for products

Looking for Columela Olive oil and McVities wheatmeal biscuits in Center City Phila. Any ideas?

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  1. Wegman's in Collegeville has the biscuits and there is a British store in Malvern that probably has them as well. You may want to call Jonathan's Best at Reading Terminal Market. for the biscuits and DiBruno's in Rittenhouse to see if they carry the olive oil.

    1. the random corner shop at 8th and south sells a bunch of mcvities biscuits, not sure if they carry that particular type or not. they sometimes have jaffa cakes too....

      1. Does Garces Trading Company carry Olive Oil? If so, they might have it.

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          They have olive oil but I seemed to remember it's all "house branded" ones in large vats.

        2. Agree with the rec for Jonathan's Best at RTM. Am 95% sure they have McVitties. Don't know about the olive oil but they might very well have that too.... DiBruno's is also a good choice...or one of the other stores down at teh Italian Market. I don't know the names but there are a couple with a good selection of olive oil.