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Apr 20, 2010 07:42 AM

Spicy & Tasty Flushing best dishes

Hello all, I know there are about a million threads on this board devoted to S&T and I've combed through them carefully looking for recs. for an upcoming reservation for a group. I would greatly appreciate it, though, if members could chip in listing their all-time favorite dishes there in each category. From what I've been able to deduce this is the "hit list" I've come up with so far:

- Hot and sour soup
- Dumplings in red chili sauce
- Cold noodles with red chili sauce
- Dan dan noodles
- Spicy double cooked pork
- Ma po dofu

Question: I've seen many people mention the spicy beef tendon. Are they referring to the app (in red chili sauce) or the main (sauteed)? Also please recommend one of the lamb dishes and any veggie sides worth mentioning. Thank you!!!

Spicy & Tasty
39-07 Prince St, Queens, NY 11354

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  1. For me the thing that sets S&T apart from the other top SIchuan place is their amazing selection of cold dishes.

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    1. re: Peter Cherches

      regarding the beef tendon, indeed it is the cold app; the heap found near the front entrance. I easily make a meal of 5-6 of those dishes and a load of rice. their beef noodle soup is quite good actually; a monster bowl that makes you sweat, but its difficult to share.

      1. re: Peter Cherches

        Yes, I agree, the cold dishes are really good. I love the spicy bamboo shoot dish, and the eggplant dish...

      2. was just there today---
        -sesame cold noodle (not spicy--not peanut buttery at all--very authentic, wonderful)
        -noodles in red chili sauce (very spicy)
        -shrimp and pickled turnip in spicy sauce (spicy, big portion--always get this)
        -shrimp with black bean sauce that comes on bed of spinach (not spicy)--they call it shrimp and green hot pepper and black bean on menu, but there is no hot pepper--but this is the one---they make the tilapia the same way as well....
        -they used to make this amazing eggplant and hot green pepper dish, that they took off menu, but you can request it--served hot--they julienne the eggplant and peppers--make sure you tell them it's from the old old menu, and they will do it for you...the best ever!
        -chinese string bean with dried pepper
        -chinese watercress with garlic (sometimes it's so fresh and amazing, and other times it can fall flat)
        -clams with black bean sauce--not the biggest portion, but fresh and good
        -squid with the turnips and spicy sauce, or squid with peanuts and hot pepper (very very spicy)

        wouldn't reccomend the shrimp with yellow leek, very bland--hope this helps for perhaps the less adventurous in your group---

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        1. re: janie

          Whole Fish Chengdu Style- a show stopper and a beauty
          Crab with Spicy Sauce
          Spicy Whole Green Hot Pepper- great for a large party sort of a palate cleanser

          1. re: wew

            how exactly is the chengdu style prepared, i notice they have shrimp that was, as well. thanks.

            1. re: janie

              The fish is braised and served with lots of garlic and chilies on top. For a picture go to Brian S's thread "Spicy and Tasty: Fish Dish" of Dec. 8, 2007 and click on M Wong's picture

              1. re: wew

                i can't find it, tried searching but it's not coming up....

                1. re: janie

                  Search for Spicy and Tasty: The Whole Fish Dish ---sort by relevance over last 5 years and it should be first. Brian S has a link to the photo in the fifth reply.
                  Please excuse me for not knowing how to link. Again I would give this dish a try.

                  1. re: wew

                    thank you...found it now---miss reading those Brian S. posts, they are terrific...definitely going to check out the shrimp prepared that style, looks great.

        2. Fish Fillet in Fresh Hot Pepper
          Shredded Beef with Green Hot Pepper

          1. Sliced Conch in Red Chili Sauce!

            1. I got into trouble with this before as being unSzechuan and unsuitable for S&T [I love the place] but am i correct that the "double cooked pork" is actually regular bacon prepared as a soggy mess - like a rasher with lean and fat - but nothing crisp just real pork fat.
              Westerners like their crispy bacon - could someone enlighten me if I missing something - is it Asians/Chinese that love this special at S&T or is it loved by all CHs? Thanks

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              1. re: micheal

                I am a westerner but prefer my pork cooked the way they do it (and not crispy). Face it, sometimes the cuisine is a little more fatty and/or oily than our cardiologists might prefer. But, hey, the flavors are unique and the "mouthfeel" is incredible. If you really want crisp bacon, maybe a Denny's would be better.. My "go-to" pork dish, which my friends have described alternatively as "addictive" and "ethereal" is on the last page of the English menu labelled something like szechaun special pork (there is a section which is szechaun specialties, and we always get the pork). It is heavy on the szechuan peppercorn with an incredible "searing but delicate" spiciness and a hearty component of chinese greens. While I dont think it is made with the "streaky bacon" (as some menus refer to it), it is luscious in the same way. I have had it at all the better szechuan places (Szechuan Garden, the various outposts of Grand Sichuan, Wu Liang Ye, etc.) and this is the one I always want. That ,and an order of dried fried chicken.