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Apr 20, 2010 07:33 AM

What should I make with left over pork shoulder

I have some slow cooked pork shoulder left over - don't want to make bbq -
Have thought about enchiladas, but don't have a good recipe... any brilliant suggestions or enchilada recipes?

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  1. What about some chilaquiles topped with the pork? Or maybe even some nachos.

    1. Pozole, add the pork towards the end of cooking. Here's a link with a few very good recipes:

      Pork chili verde enchiladas, here's a recipe link for ideas:

      Or how about a pulled pork enchilada with a roasted tomato sauce?

      One of these recipes should help you use up the pork. Enjoy.

      1. Shred it, fry it up with some onion,garlic and red chilli. Twist it up in a tortilla with some
        fresh chopped onion and a little hot sauce. Oui, la la.

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          Actually, since it's a Tex Mex-ish dish, it should be sí, el de la.;-))

        2. Bao! Chinese pork buns. There's a good recipe at

          If I'm feeling lazy, I will just mix pork shoulder with a small jar of char sui sauce and a little ginger and garlic for the filling. Remember, the stiffer the dough, the fluffier the buns!

          1. I usually just make quesadillas - pork, cheese, cilantro, beans or sauteed onions if you like...