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Apr 20, 2010 05:19 AM

You guys have turned me into a Liquor snob!

Well not you guys entirely. one friends helped. When I started drinking I was 21 and I wanted what most people that age want to get drunk. I hated beer and wine (still do). And couldn't stomach the idea of a anything but a very sweet cocktail. I mostly drank cheap Schnapps. as the years went by my tastes went towards vodka and light rum drinks with TONS of fruit. and artificial flavoring. I suppose it started with Chambord, something I love, I really loved the concept of a blackberry liqueur so I bought a bottle that's when Chambord came in a box with a booklet of recipes (I still have that) I put chambord in everything, with milk with club soda. In a cocktail that makes me sick to think of called sex on the beach (ack to sweet!)! Then I read about Mojitos they sound divine. So I made one, after years of shoving miscellaneous mixtures of fruit in the blender and hitting puree. It was something i had to work at. Boy was it worth it. I remember the first sip the first time I perfected it. Then I tried tequila again, when I first tried it had tasted like something spoiled. Now I reveled in it's smokiness. I didn't like lemoncello though I had bottle. I mixed in in plain boring lemonade added cubes of watermelon. it tranformed the otherwsie staid everyday drink into heaven. Then one day I read about all the bizarre and wonderful craft cocktails in the New York Times. I thought the article was pretentious and silly. But I wanted to know more. I was pretty good at making my own cocktails by then even had a shaker. I didn't have many ingredients and wasn't taking risks. Then I got my hands on St. Germain elderflower liqueur. I loved it sweet but not to sweet it's complex flavor the pretty bottle. Thanks to this board, I know what good Rum is. I know how to make some kick ass cocktails. Most of all I know that like food the best stuff comes from scratch and quality of ingredients is paramount. I still mostly like sweet drinks. But not to awfully sweet. And I've given Gin a shot and found the complex spice and citrus wonderful. I'm hunting strangely flavored liqueurs which my local store doesn't carry (it caters to college students). Hell I've even tried a wine and like it unmixed. I'm thinking about making infusions now. Mainly weird stuff like skittles vodka for friend with a sweet tooth.
Now I don't drink to get drunk, I drink to savor the taste of my creations.
So how did you start and how did you become a 'liquor snob?'

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