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Apr 20, 2010 03:38 AM

Business dinner

Looking for a mid week restaurant for a business
dinner. Needs to be a fairly quiet spot , of course
great chowhound food. Price not very important
but not looking to impress anyone.
Anywhere in the city is fine.

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  1. I would suggest two places where I've been and thought the food and atmosphere were great, Lacroix and James, and also two places that I've heard good things about, Estia and the Fountain.

    Lacroix would probably be my first choice. The food is fantastic and it's calm and quiet enough there to conduct business.

    1. Where are you staying/coming from? Another place that fits your criteria is The Prime Rib, at 15th and Locust.

      1. We love Lacroix. Quiet atmosphere and excellent food. It would be my first choice.

        Estia can get very noisy.