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Apr 20, 2010 12:42 AM

Rosenfeld's Bagels Superb Challah

I know folks have posted about this before, but I just have to chime in. Grabbed a dozen bagels (yes they are the best in beantown and give NYC bagels a good run) but dang, who knew the challah was SO amazing.

Srsly, as good as any I ever et. Soft, eggy, just the right sweetness. Cheryl Anne's is good, but I take Rosenfeld's in a heartbeat. Only better I ever had was hot, fresh, homemade right out of the oven.

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  1. Rosenfeld's bagels and challah bread are excellent. Rosenfeld's is my favorite bagel place. Too bad the challah bread is only available on Sunday? When I get their challah I buy 2. Their challah makes delicious french toast for breakfast.

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    1. As a native New Yorker, I had thought Cheryl Ann's was my favorite (sweet) challah in Boston. I ate it regularly because their challah is distributed to grocery stores around the Boston area. Once I tried Rosenfelds, I was blown away by its quality. I realized that there is no need for me to go home to try great bagels and challah. The challah's sweetness level, eggy-ness, and texture are exactly to my liking. It is always so hard to choose between purchasing bagels and challah!

      Cheryl Anns
      1010 W Roxbury Pkwy, Chestnut Hill, MA

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