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Apr 19, 2010 10:49 PM

I'm back after a four year absence, wow, things have changed!

I'm back!
Four and a half years ago, we went off to China to adopt our daughter, a fabulous experience that has been rewarded with as great a child as one could wish for.

However, that also ended our dining out experience for a good time. We've been limited (in the Nashua NH area) to most of the inexpensive places, so we've spent a lot of time at "La Caretta", Pizza from "Pizzico", and an occasional Chinese food evening. (Ironically, it's not our child's favorite food by a long shot!). But now, our daughter has turned out to be a fine, well behaved restaurant eater, and we are now back on Chowhound looking for sniffs at new places. Thank you for still being here! It's a little wild though; should I look for an "Orientation" spot somewhere?

Love it here, it's good to be back.

R. Scott White, aka "bunnyr"
Nashua, NH

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  1. Welcome back!

    Yep - a lot has changed in four years, that's for sure. Here are some places to help you get re-oriented:


    Posting Etiquette

    Hope these help!