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Apr 19, 2010 10:22 PM

anyone make and store a supply of onion paste??

My own cooking tends towards India, Sri Lanka, and southeast Asia cuisines. As such, I have large jars of garlic paste and ginger paste in the fridge. I pick them up in Indian markets, and they save me a ton of time (and money) when I cook.

My problem? I can't find onion paste in supermarkets or ethnic markets. (I've also tried small Asian markets, and mega-places like 99 Ranch Market). Is there something about onions that makes this product unfeasible?

Anyway, I'd like to do it myself at home. Anyone had success doing this? I see 2 possible approaches.
1. Dice a large amount of onions, put the raw pieces in the blender (or processor), and turn the onions into a paste. Put into air-tight jar in the fridge as is (or maybe cover with a small amount of canola or olive oil?). This would mean, of course, that I have to cook the onions later, whenever I am doing the actual recipe.
2. Put diced onions into my wok and sweat the onions. Put the cooked pieces into the blender and process them into paste. Again, into the fridge. This way, I'd have "pre-cooked and ready" onions waiting in my fridge.

If anyone does does make their own onion paste; any hints or warnings about what I should or should not do in this process?

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  1. Slightly cooked, either sweated or blanched in boiling water, is recommended. The cooked version will last longer, as the raw paste may go sour after a week or so and can become bitter right away. Be sure to remove the root section holding the onion layers together on the bottom (root end) of the onion, as it can add a touch of bitterness. Keep the paste well covered in the frig. No need to add or top it off with vegetable oil, especially if you've cooked the onion in a little oil already.

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