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Apr 19, 2010 09:56 PM

Pitch black chocolate cake and icing recipes?

I stumbled upon this image of a chocolate cake from M Café in L.A. and I want to try to reproduce it.

It looks like some sort of a super moist, pitch black chocolate cake (I imagine it involves dutch process cocoa), a light and dark mousse filling, and a chocolate glaze or perhaps thin coat of ganache icing that is also oreo cookie black.

Any ideas?

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  1. i was looking at another recent post on this board (for kung pao recipes), and one of the CHers posted a link to this Leite's Culinaria. i was curious, and clicked on the link and saw this recipe, which reminded me of *your* post...a CH's six-degrees-of-separation moment of sorts :) not sure if this fits the bill, but here's the link:

    1. No recipe, but I had run across this on the king Arthur site a while back-
      used with double Dutch process cocoa to make an Oreo-style cookie.

      1. Hershey's black magic cake is pretty dark but I've also used their special dark cocoa (which I can't find anymore) and got a very dark cake, although I didn't care for the taste as much. Shirley Corriher covers it in Bakewise, if you're interested, along with some recipes. Also, if you use dark strong coffee for water, it'll also make it darker and give it a richer chocolate flavor.

        I've made the black magic cake w/ a chocolate mousse filling and chocolate ganache frosting--very good.

        1. A pitch black cake, like the one in your photo, calls for a blend of black and dutch processed cocoa. I've seen black cocoa online at KAF, link provided by WCchopper, above, Amazon or

          The Blackout cake and the Black Magic cake are pretty dark cakes but not nearly as dark as the photo. These are both great cakes, btw.

          I bet if you took one of those recipes and blended black cocoa 50/50 or even less, with the cocoa called for in your chosen recipe, you'd get something pretty close. Black cocoa doesn't have a lot of flavor, just color, that's why it needs to be used in tandem with natural or dutched cocoa. It's the dutching process; treating the cocoa with alkaline (usually baking soda,) that darkens the cocoa initially. Black cocoa is heavily treated with alkaline.

          Here's an older link on this subject:

          1. Thanks for the suggestions! I think I will take bushwickgirl's advice and see if I can cobble something together using black cocoa and one of the recipes for a super dark cake.

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              goodhealthgourmet, a great and knowledgeble poster here at chowhound, mentioned on another thread today a very dark cocoa made by Callebaut, Cacao Barry Plein Arome. It's surprisingly inexpensive from this site. Here's the source for that cocoa and all things chocolate, if you're interested: