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Apr 19, 2010 09:47 PM

Meat/hearty dishes that travel well

Going to a dinner/foodie shindig soon that will involve about 1 hour of transit time. Complicating matters, I am busy the immediate 2 hours before I need to leave, so the cooking needs to be done at that time. (I.e., can't leave direct from the oven).

I am responsible for meat/protein/hearty dishes that would pair well with rye whiskey. I have not been to the host's apartment, but I am guessing I could do a brief reheat on an oven there if necessary. But I would like to keep work at his place to a minimum.

So, entertain me, fellow Chowhounds!! Meat, travel-ability, and general deliciousness -- GO!

Thanks and cheers,

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  1. As to the problem of not being able to cook the 2 hours before you leave: crockpot. Any meat can be cooked in one and will travel well. I have made soups, roasts, chicken, chili. To travel, I strap the top down tightly, wrap the pot in towels to insulate, and in case of spillage place in a Hefty Bag.

    suggested meats: brisket, brats, pulled pork with a hearty Bar B Q sauce, Country Ham

    1. Well, I looked up whiskey in The Flavor Bible and it seems it would pair very well with Chinese five spice powder. Perhaps some five spice-braised short ribs?

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        Thanks @operagirl! That does sounds perfect, and I know it will be a hit with the company I'm keeping. Kudos.

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          You're welcome! That book is magic, I swear. Let us know how it turns out!

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            Agree with operagirl, and here is another variation. Perfect for cooking a day ahead.


            Typed that out as my cut'n paste let me down, so sorry for any trypos.

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            That's actually a very cool idea. Beer coolers are cool.

            I would also suggest a ham, since it can be cooked ahead, served at room temp. or even reheated in the hosts oven. Bring along some biscuits and honey mustard, and can make them there or set out as a buffet for guests to make themselves.

            I also have a wonderful onion brisket recipe that would work for you. Basically in a large roasting pan, you slice two large onions, place your brisket on top, and use one whole box (2 packets) of Lipton's onion soup mix (dried) on top. Wrap tightly in heavy duty foil. Bake at 300 for 5 hours. Then, you must take it out, but let it rest, still wrapped for 1 hour. That can be your transit time. Unwrap slice and enjoy. Delicious. This is something I sometimes prep in the am, and with my oven set on delay and timed cooking, i put it in a cold oven, and walk away. Six hours later its ready to eat.

            1. re: WCchopper

              Ok - so you partially cook the food and then put it in the cooler? Or it actually cooks in the cooler? Cuz' I'm seriously into this. We take a lot of road trips and this would totally work. . .w/ the cooler, not the $500 machine.

              1. re: JerryMe

                Apparently it cooks in hot water in the cooler sous vide style. I haven't tried it myself. I just ran across the article and it seemed like it had some interesting potential. Someone should try it and report back ;-)

            2. This is a hearty dish that can be made ahead and then reheated easily. I have made this choucroute several times and everyone loves it, the smell is intoxicating. Might drive you batty while in transit.