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Any interesting enchilada recipes?

My mind is blank with some creativity here. I don't want to make 'just' chicken enchiladas. Any new ideas out there?

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  1. This is not a new idea but it is how I like to do them. Fry the shredded chicken with lots
    of onion and garlic and red chilli powder or green if you prefer. Roll or stack with the
    tortillas, smother with enchilada sauce and top dress with grated Asiago cheese or
    parmesagne. Mexicans like them rolled while New Mexicans like them stacked. I prefer
    NM style. Serve with beans and rice and Jalapeno cole slaw.

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      I'm with Paul. I like mine stacked. I never knew where they originated, my Mom taught me that way, and she learned from a great uncle who spent a lot of time in Mexico and New Mexico...so it makes sense now. Thanks Paul. I do mine so simple, just heat a corn tortilla is sauce add cheese and green oninons....and keep stacking that way for however many you want. And we've always topped it with a fried egg........so good, with the runny yolk. The wife and kid like refried beans added between each layer, and sometimes we add other things....but I like it simple....tortilla's, sauce, cheese...and the fried egg on top..........Man I'm hungry!

    2. I fry diced boneless skinless chicken thighs seasoned with lots of cumin, coriander, chili powder & oregano, add onions, garlic, diced roasted poblano peppers, black beans & corn. I like them with green enchilada sauce lots of Monterey pepper jack cheese & a dollop of sour cream. Sometimes I'll add chipotle salsa or pico de gallo to the green sauce to spice it up.

      1. I add lots of vegetables, whatever I have around. Zucchini, corn, caramelized onions, are all good mixed in with chicken, or black beans, or just cheese.

        1. I like to cook my chicken until I can shred it, add a can of Rotel and a little enchilada sauce, then simmer until thick. For the tortillas (I use flour tortillas), I add a layer of re-fried beans, shredded cheese, and add the chicken mixture. Roll up and put in a 11x13 pan. Cover with enchilada sauce, cheese and sprinkle with sliced olives. Quick and easy at our house when we are in a rush. I've also done the stacked method as well. Just depends on how I feel that day ;-)

          1. Recently I saw, on Create TV, Rick Bayless make enchiladas using a spinach and poblano sauce. The sauce base was a bechamel, with blended spinach and roasted (and peeled) poblano peppers added.

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                This sounds awesome. I adore roasted poblano peppers - especially if a little cream is mixed in somewhere. They can get hot - even if you diligently see and devein. I never know how hot mine are going to be.

                FWIW I always roast my peppers outside on the grill - so easy!!!

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                  That is an awesome recipe. I've done it regularly with a few variations since first catching that episode. Works so well in so many different applications.

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                  I made that a few months ago and it was amazing. Must make it again!

              2. As long as you make the sauce from scratch, it's hard to go wrong. No, you don't have to grow the chiles :-).

                - Make your favorite shredded beef chuck / ropa vieja recipe, roll in fresh corn tortillas, smother with your best salsa roja and bake. There are plenty of good salsa recipes on CH of which this is one: http://www.chow.com/recipes/14593-anc...

                - Enchiladas suizas are hard to beat, even better if you make them from turkey thighs.
                Just corn tortillas, freshly made salsa, swiss cheese, crema and the poultry of choice.

                1. Make a green enchilada sauce from scratch, and fill the enchiladas with sweet corn, pan fried shrimp, and feta cheese. The sweet-salty combo of the filling really works well, and the texture is superior to chicken.

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                    That sounds awesome. Making a shrimp & corn enchilada with green sauce made from homegrown tomatillos/jalapenos/cilantro tonight!

                  2. Probably the most interesting enchilada I've made to date was with left over duck la range. With green sauce (I don't like red). Used corn tortillas and it was very tasty!

                    1. Sour Cream Enchiladas, from a Sunset Mexican cookbook. They're adaptable -- you can use homemade sauce, yellow onion, aged cheddar, roll rather than fold, etc. The combo of sour cream and spicy sauce is lovely. Serve with sides of beans, and rice, and an avocado salad.

                      Scroll down:

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                        Channa-I have that same Sunset Mexican cookbook circa 1977 and love all the recipes.

                      2. My friend recently made sweet potato enchiladas from an epicurious recipe. they were pretty good.

                        Duck and using goat cheese are change ups from more traditional enchiladas. I like mole and gree pipian sauce as more labor intensive alternatives, and classic west texas/new mexico green sauce.

                        1. Thanks for the inspiration in this thread ;-) Enchiladas for supper tonight!

                          1. I make black bean enchi's stuffed with jalapenos, garlic, red onion, cheese and topped with cheese, enchi sauce and then bake for around 30 minutes at 350 degrees, served with Spanish rice and dollops of sour cream and sliced avocados..
                            It's so dang good..couple of cold Pacifico's and your all set to go.

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                              That sounds amazing, Beach Chick! Do you use canned enchilada sauce, or do you make your own?

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                                I use canned enchi sauce..El Pato is a good one..it really is delicious and easy peasy..
                                Rinse the black beans before rolling those bad boys up..
                                Enjoy prima!

                            2. I love enchiladas potosinas. The chile sauce is worked into the masa, giving the tortillas a beautiful red-orange color. The reddish tortillas are formed and then filled (queso fresco or queso añejo are typical options), and the enchiladas are cooked until crispy on a comal. The enchiladas are topped with some fresh toppings like slivers of avocado, a dash of crema, and some shredded lettuce. Delicious!

                              1. http://budgetbytes.blogspot.com/2011/...

                                I made these sweet potato & chorizo enchiladas last night and they were AWESOME.

                                1. Cheese enchiladas with chili gravy changed everything I thought enchiladas were supposed to be the first time I made them.

                                  Recipe is here: http://homesicktexan.blogspot.com/200...

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                                  1. re: CDouglas

                                    I love this recipe. My 16 yo son was just asking this past week when I'm making them again.

                                  2. How about papadzuls? These are Yucatecan egg enchiladas with squash seed sauce.

                                    Here's Diana Kennedy's recipe for them.


                                    1. Found some zucchini enchiladas / enchiladas de calabacitas through googling. Has anyone tried any zuke enchilada recipes? Thinking about trying one tonight. Does anyone have a zuke enchilada recipe they'd make again?

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                                        I usually 'wing it' when it comes to veggie enchiladas.
                                        - I would make a mild red chile sauce (with some fresh tomato) so as not to overpower the veggie stuffing.
                                        - A filling with shredded squash, sweated aromatics and cheese is hard to beat.
                                        - Fry and/or dip the corn tortillas in the sauce, stuff, and roll.
                                        - Bake until squash is cooked and cheese is melted (say, 30 minutes in medium oven).

                                        Searching for 'vegetarian enchilada' I got some ideas:
                                        Hope this helps ..... for tomorrow night :-)