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Apr 19, 2010 07:56 PM

Apron Restaurant in Westin Wall Centre Hotel in Richmond. Has anybody tried it?

A colleague was telling my about the new Apron restaurant in the Westin Hotel on Sea Island. She had a memorable meal including a stilton cheesecake with port "caviar". The restaurrant is supposed to combine in elements of molecular gastronomy in its preparations..
Has anyone tried it? I have to admit I am.not really willing to try it until a few other foodies give their thumbs up...Apron is on the dine out list...

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  1. I did a quick Google. The exec chef - Hamid Salimian - won 4 golds at the 2008 World culinary Olympics in Germany. He cooked at Diva at the Met and Bear Mountain (Victoria) prior to coming here. And he does seem to use a lot of modern and molecular techniques (popcorn dust, bacon powder, froths, spherification, fruit carpaccio, etc.

    Check it out lunchslut! Tell us how it went.

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      Ok if the idea of foams, dusts and spherication leave you cold, just move along this review is not for you. But if you can't remember the last time when your food made you truly smile and you were genuinely pleasantly suprised and amused by your meal you have to give Apron at the new Westin Hotel in Richmond a try.

      Apron is an hidden off Sea Island way and on first appearance is like any other new modern restaurant in a mid-price airport hotel, but tonight, during DO, for the amazing price of $28, our dinner held delightful surprises such as goat cheese ball crisps (crunchy on the outside gooey and warm on the inside), bacon dust, wine gels, and a silky smooth golden crunch crusted tahitian vanilla creme brulee that is served in a pair of ramekins because the chef does not believe one is can you not have a chow crush on this man?

      Our dinner was perfectly cooked and the flavours were well balanced. The presentation was at times a bit overdone but given the flavours this was easily forgiven. The desserts...let's just say that all that could be heard at our table for ten minutes was ooohs, oh my gods and mmmmmms. We will definitely return and all three of us are crossing our fingers that the restaurant will survive despites the contrast between its original menu and its unusual location....

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        Wow, thank you for this. I'm certainly curious to try it. Is it on the Canada Line route?

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          The address is 3099 Corvette Way, Richmond. According to Google Maps that is a 10min walk from the Aberdeen-Brighouse Station. There is no parking on site but the valet parking at the hotel is free if you are eating at the restaurant.

          1. re: lunchslut

            thanks ls.... looking forward to dining here.

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              I"m trying to look for their menu onlline but having no luck. About what price range is this restaurant for dinner?

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                    was there for dinner. there was no valet when i was there. parking is $3per/hour.
                    it is less MG than when Matt(vancouverslop) visited. I suppose there just isnt a demand or market at this time.
                    I had a good meal. but there was no wow for me. nothing mad hatter or alice in wonderland. the plates with dominant MG didnt taste that well, i felt.
                    what was most surprising to me was there was a 2 person line working in the hotel kitchen. this is for the entire hotel, including room service, lounge and restaurant. was there for dinner longer than i really wanted to be there.

                    it is an odd mis-match of place, environment, food and bevarage. the dining room is not large. prob a 35 seater that serves as a dining room, lounge and bar. i may return to try the rest of the menu. pricing wasnt as reasonable as i was expecting but not exorbitant.