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Matane shrimp season?

I've seen shrimp in two stores today and am wondering if Matane shrimp season is upon us. If anyone knows...please share info...If so, and if prices are good, I am looking to buy several pounds to stock up ....looking for info....

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  1. I saw some shrimps at JTM last week-end (the little ones with the eggs), but did not buy some.

    Next week they will be on the menu.

    1. Yes they are in season now ... I think until the end of May ... snow crab is also in season now. Bought some 2 days ago at Poissonnerie Antoine.

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        Yeah, I bought a live snow crab the other day as well - delicious.

      2. Does anyone know of any restaurants serving these at the moment?

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          The Sparrow lunch menu has a Potted Matane Shrimp starter this week.

        2. this chick seems to know what she's talking about! featured in the gazoo today, says she figures matane shrimp is ON:

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            Where are the good local matane shrimp coming from(Gaspe?)?

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              My understanding is that Matane shrimp are nordic shrimp (Pandalus borealis and P. montagui, according to Termium) from the Gaspé. Nordic shrimp are harvested over a wide area but only Gaspé nordic shrimp can be marketed as Matane shrimp.

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                From what I understand, the irony is that they actually come from Sept-Îles, which is on the other side of the river.

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                  Interesting what googling will turn up. The Crevette de Matane website says that the shrimp come from the St. Lawrence estuary and the Gulf of St. Lawrence. However, to be Matane shrimp, they have to be processed in Matane.


            2. All of the fishmongers at the Jean Talon Market have them (not as "Matane shrimp" but labelled as "nordic" or "Sept-iles") and I have seen them in a few other places around town too.

              This is actually the first time in over a decade that I am buying them, because I was living abroad for a while, but I was just wondering: Are they always sold pre-cooked?

              1. Poissonnerie Antoine has them on special this week and he sold 50lbs yesterday. Was able to get the last 2 lbs. He will be getting fresh ones on Thursday. I believe La Mer has them on special too. Also lobster season has started and seems on special at a lot of places.

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                  Metro is advertising 1-1.25lb lobsters @ $4.88/lb
                  >=1.5lb @ $6.88/lb

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                    Just wondering why bigger lobsters are more expensive per weight than smaller lobsters? Is it the ratio lobster meat versus shell that is higher?

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                      I bought 2 lobsters at the Metro Plus corner Notre Dame and Mountain last Saturday. I asked the young lady tending the lobster tank to pick me out the 2 largest. They came in at 1-1/2lbs. each and I was charged the $4.89/lb. rate.
                      3 lbs. of what were lucious lobster for $14.47 - Priceless.

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                        It makes my day when stores make small goof-ups like that - awhile back I bought some parsely from the en-vrac section, but forgot to weigh it in the same department. It hardly registered on the cashier's scale (less than an ounce) and I was charged 1c - I still remind the wife everytime I use dry parsely, she says I'm like a little kid.
                        Two lobsters under $15, what a deal!
                        I would guess that larger lobsters are more expensive simply due to demand more than anything else.