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Apr 19, 2010 06:59 PM

New Starbucks Fraps not kosher

Starbucks is in the process of changing their Frappuccino blended drinks to be more personalized - and not Kosher. They used to be made with a base (either coffee or creme), add-ins (chocolate chips), syrup, and ice. The coffee one was never kosher, but the creme ones were. The new process is as follows: A syrup base (vanilla, caramel, etc), your choice of milk, add-ins, syrup. The issue is the bases are all not kosher. Contact Starbucks if you can and ask for them to change it:

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    1. re: craigcep

      Yes, I was wondering the same thing. Are these items certifiably traif or are they just lacking official kosher certification?

      1. re: Arthur

        They are just lacking kosher certification. Some Rabbis that I know of say the bases are still kosher.

    2. You should also use their social network -

      1. Be aware that there may be kosher concerns with any milk or milk substitutes that are hot as the machine used to heat them may also be used to heat non kosher items. Buying any of these products could be very problematic, way beyond the obvious.

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        1. re: chicago maven

          FWIW, all of the Starbucks locations I've been to in NY and Brooklyn (which is, um, many of them) have had heckshered milk and heckshered pareve soy milk.

          1. re: CloggieGirl

            Thanks for the info. I think it was the heavy cream that was not kosher.

            1. re: chicago maven

              Ah. This was definitely a local brand of dairy so maybe there are issues with Chicago (I assume from your name) cream? Everything I saw is from lines that are kosher from their skim to their half-n-half.

              1. re: CloggieGirl

                The bottom line is that everyone must do their own inspecting to make sure it is kosher.

          1. The Starbucks website FAQ says:
            Are your beverages kosher?
            No – although most of our beverage components are certified kosher. Since we cannot prepare kosher beverages in our stores, we have not made a concerted effort to have all of our beverages ingredients certified.

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            1. re: aarongz

              End of story. Case closed. Another example of much ado about nothing.

              1. re: Arthur

                How is that "case closed" and "much ado about nothing"? If they said that all their components WERE kosher, it would be one thing, but they very clearly say MOST, which to me means there are very likely some components that are not. Otherwise they would have said ALL the components are, knowing that many people would rely on that as good enough for them.

                1. re: queenscook

                  The case is closed and this thread has been much ado about nothing because Starbucks by its own admission has apparently NEVER warrantied that any of its drinks are prepared kosher. That means that, just like the new syrup bases, none of the prepared drinks have EVER been certified and it has ALWAYS been up to each kosher customer's personal standards and discretion to decide whether s/he feels comfortable consuming those beverages. Why is that so hard to understand?

                  1. re: Arthur

                    No need for your rudeness; clearly I was saying the same thing. It sounded, however, like you were claiming that their stuff was all kosher, especially given your previous comment--where the implication was that the ingredients were not actual traif, just lacking certification.

                    1. re: queenscook

                      I don't know what I said that you're taking as rude, queenscook, but I certainly did not intend any of it to come across that way. My apologies for any inadvertent offense I may have caused.

                      1. re: Arthur

                        No problem. (It was mainly the last line.)