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Apr 19, 2010 06:48 PM

Alcazar in Encino


I have a get-together with some casual friends who haven't seen each other for a while. I suggested Alcazar in Encino, because the courtyard would be perfect for this size group who like to talk and eat and drink. We are coming from all different parts of LA and Encino is centrally located.

My family and I like Alcazar and make it out there every couple of months or so. Today (Monday) when I called Alcazar, the message said they are only serving Thursday - Sunday, not 7 days a week as their website proclaims. I emailed them requesting a Thursday evening reservation for the courtyard.

That would be fine, but our get together is Thursday night, so unless they respond to my email before then, I won't be able to confirm until Thursday morning, which is cutting it a little close.

Has anyone been there recently, and is something going on that might spoil our plans?

Also - if we show up and there's a problem, I need an alternative. I've been reading reviews of Itzak Hagadol, which is in the same complex. Has anyone been there, and would it work for a party of 8 or so talkative people?

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  1. I guess the economy has taken its toll on Alcazar, which is obviously sad. I would think they'd get back to you in time to reassure your plans for Thursday. If not, Itzak Hagadol would be a perfectly fine alternative.

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      Itzik Hagadol is really good stuff. If you've been to Hummus Bar & Grill, think of everything you'd have there being done more upscale at IH. Lots of salads, perfect laffa, nice huge tables, more formal setting (doesn't mean you won't see t-shirts and shorts though) and skewers grilled perfectly. Both places would work, but if outdoor seating is a bonus, Hummus B&G's outdoor seating area is surrounded by the front of the restaurant, the front parking lot and the drive leading down to the garage - not courtyard-esque, but the people make up for it. Very Israeli, lots of talking, laughing and good times. I'd be happy at either.

      1. re: Bob Brooks

        Street talk has it that Alcazar is in the process of being sold in Encino.
        Stay tuned.