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Apr 19, 2010 06:40 PM

How to store salami (local) at home?

Hi- This may be a better post for the home cooking board... but I buy this local so thought to post here.

I buy Molinari salami -- sometimes from Costco. It's bigger. I keep it wrapped and then in a zip lock, in the refrigerator but I've found twice now that it has molded after a few weeks. I thought salami should keep fine, so I must be doing something wrong. Please send any tips! Thanks!

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  1. It's covered with living mold, which will grow in the right conditions. If it's that mold, it's harmless, you can just scrape it off.

    If it's spoiling, your refrigerator may not be cold enough. Get a thermometer and check it.

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Would fuzzy white spots qualify as that kind of mold? I will check on this temperature issue--- this might be the problem. Thanks!!!

      1. re: rln

        White mold on sausage is usually penicillium, which is harmless, and it may indeed be the same stuff deliberately grown on the outside of the salami. Check the fridge temp for sure, but moisture could be the problem. Instead of sealing in a zip lock, try putting a plastic sandwich bag or some plastic wrap over the cut end.

    2. I recently bought some Gallo (?) salami that already had some white mold on it. But guess what- there is a skin you peel off before you eat it. Isn't that true of your Molinari too?

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        Yes, there is skin on the Molinari too. I am learning a bunch here, thank you. It makes having salami in the home do-able.

      2. I buy the exact same salami you do, from Costco, and what I've been doing is:
        - I only peel off as much paper as I plan to be slicing
        - I then roll the remaining salami in wax paper and twist at the ends - like candy
        - when I open it back up, sometimes the sliced end is a little dried out so I throw away the first slice.

        I can usually keep the large Molinari Salami for a few months in the fridge. Also, there are two kinds - the dry and the hot. It seems to me that the dry salame keeps better and longer. The hot is a little more moist and will tend to go bad more quickly.

        1. No need to refrigerate it in the sf bay area. I never do. Don't cover it with plastic.

          1. just wash the salami in vinegar,it gets rid of that harmless but ugly looking mold