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Apr 19, 2010 05:57 PM

Cambridge - which would you choose?

Saturday night dinner, 2 couples 1 of which does not eat meat but eats fish and seafood. The choices are:
TW, EVOO, The Helmand, or Rendezvous?

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  1. Much as I love Helmand I probably wouldn't go there for this particular dinner unless your friends would be up for a limited selection of fish dishes or a totally vegetarian meal (they have a wonderful selection for vegetarians) and want to try Afghani food. Their menu is heavily weighted toward meat and vegetable dishes - they only have a couple of fish entrees. Makes sense, since Afghanistan is a landlocked country.

    I've never eaten at Rendezvous but have never seen anything but good feedback on the boards.

    1. Rendezvous. We sneaked in their early on Saturday evening and had another wonderful meal and fantastic service. The lobster salad on the current menu is a show stopper. Perfectly cooked lobster with a citrus dressing and blood oranges. It looked like a party.

      Steve Johnson is one of the few chefs who can tempt me with a salad.


      1. I agree with pasuga's comments that Helmand isn't really a place to go for fish. I love T. W. Food, and would probably go there with the caveat that their menu is pretty limited so I'd check in advance to see if there is tempting seafood for the pescatarians.

        1. While I would normally recommend Rendezvous (they have a way with fish) I just heard a very promising report about EVOO in their new space. Might be fun to check out something new?

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            I love rendezvous and have been there a few times, but I have to give a slight edge to EVOO - just a bit more interesting menu - but you couldn't go wrong with either. Helmand probably for another time with other diners.

          2. Hmm. I have enjoyed all four. However, i think the most consistently impressive is T.W. I agree with green zebra about calling ahead to make sure you are okay with the pescetarian selections (although for a Saturday night res, you might need to call far enough in advance that the menu changes). But if you aren't *picky* pescetarians, it shouldn't be a problem.

            I have enjoyed EVOO over the years, but found that their menu has a few "greatest hits" that are their most consistent offerings...and none of those are veggie or seafood dishes.

            Rendezvous has been inconsistent for me, but lots of people love it.

            Helmand is good, but I find it kind of boring.