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Apr 19, 2010 05:05 PM

Suggestions for Huntderdon or Bucks county restaurant for luncheon wedding?


I am a Boston hound doing long-distance planning for a 30-person luncheon wedding to be held at a restaurant in Hunterdon or Bucks counties. I love restaurants in old buildings that serve modern, New American eclectic cuisine, with pluses for cooking seasonally and sourcing locally. I also want a place that is organized and efficient in handling groups, and doesn’t totally break the bank. So far, my top candidates are:

Harvest Moon Inn, Ringoes, NJ
Lambertville Station
Hamilton’s Grill, Lambertville
Anton’s at the Swan, Lambertville
The Frenchtown Inn, Frenchtown NJ
Washington House, Sellersville, PA
Sergeantsville Inn, Sergeantsville NJ

Any comments on the food, atmosphere, efficiency of these venues? Any great spot fitting the bill that I have not mentioned? (The Yardley Inn and Carversville Inn both sounded good but their logistics didn’t work.)

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Annediamo, the hungry bride-to-be

Washington House
136 North Main Street, Sellersville, PA 18960

Carversville Inn
Carversville Aquetong Rds, Carversville, PA 18913

Harvest Moon Restaurant
535 Arch St Ste Side, Williamsport, PA 17701

Yardley Inn Restaurant and Bar
East Afton Ave Delaware Ave, Yardley, PA 19067

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  1. Try the Washington Crossing Inn at Washington Crossing, PA. This place is not too expensive, but absolutely gorgeous. Your guests can walk over to Washington Crossing State Park to see the exact spot where George Washington crossed The Delaware to save our nation. The Washington Crossing Inn has a private gazebo/garden that's something to brag about. They must have gardeners out there every day tending to those lovely plants and garden walks. Of course, this famous Inn is next to the Delaware River. The food is first class, and you can enjoy your meals inside the historic inn or outdoors.
    If you need a wedding officiant, visit me at:

    If you like first-class Bed & Breakfast Inns, try The Brick Hotel in Newtown; the Temperance House in Newtown and The Bridgetown Millhouse in Langhorne. Great chefs in all 3 of these historic places.

    The Brick Hotel & Restaurant
    1 East Washington Avenue, Newtown, PA 18940

    Washington Crossing Inn
    1295 General Washington Memorial Blvd., Washington Crossing, PA 18977

    1. I forgot to mention that I've officiated a few very beautiful weddings at The Washington Crossing Inn. They are set up for large & small weddings, in addition to their regular restaurant dining.

      If you would like to do something wild and memorable, hold your wedding at Rat's Restaurant in Trenton, NJ. I've officiated a small wedding previously on the outdoor back patio of Rat's. The patio was next to a large pond with artificially produced steam and fountains. It appeared that some people in Victorian dress were having a picnic there.....but No! This was actually a work of art, an illusion.

      Now, here's the thing about Rat's ~ It sits on the grounds of the New Jersey Sculpture Garden. If you go there, you must bring a camera. The Sculpture Garden is something that's out of this world! Acres of beautiful gardens with gravity-defying works of art and peacocks strolling around. Some of the Sculpture will make you laugh, and some of it will make you wonder how it was ever achieved. Rat's is not inexpensive, but not overly expensive either. Not like anything else.

      Washington Crossing Inn
      1295 General Washington Memorial Blvd., Washington Crossing, PA 18977

      1. I think all of your suggested restaurants are very good choices though I haven't been to a few of them in a while.

        As this is a special occasion (a wedding), let me make a non-CH suggestion. In hosting luncheons and dinners over the years, I discovered that a certain percentage of guests will take matchbooks or matchboxes with the name of the restaurant as a souvenir of the occasion. For 30 guests, at least five, maybe ten, will take a matchbook. (I remember one group of 12 in DC where 9 did.) If you narrow the list down to two or three places, you might make this a consideration. Food, of course, always trumps matchbooks but I can tell you that my wife and I will always know where certain friends or relatives were married and others we no longer remember (we don't save the invitations except maybe for very close friends or relatives). As I said, a non-CH thought.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions and thoughts, we'll be deciding soon and I'll report back. (And thanks for the matchbook tip, who woulda thunk!)

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            Is Bethlehem (hellertown) too far out of your way? Just north of Bucks co and the food and atmosphere are amazing!