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Apr 19, 2010 05:04 PM

Best local eats in Cannes?

Hi all,
I'm going to be in town for the film festival and am looking for the best restaurants serving local cuisine (preferably populated by locals). I'm not opposed to one luxe meal at one of the higher-end restaurants, if I can even get in during that time of the year (so feel free to make some recommendations), but am really looking for the off-the-beaten-track, not-so-touristy, restaurants that will really highlight the local food/culture. from street food and markets to fine dinging - any price range is ok. I am going to be there for 5 days, so plenty of meals, but won't have access to a car.


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  1. Cannes is not a locals kind of place. Especially during the festival, the eating scene will be crowded and expensive.
    Some friends working for the French Canal tv network - I'd consider the Canal gang "locals" of Cannes - took me to Lemonot, a Lebanese eatery, across the train station. Not bad at all.

    If you have time to go to Antibes (L'Armoise in the old town, or shop from the old town market and picnic on the breathtaking ramparts) or Mougins (Restaurant des Artistes) by train or bus, the resto scene there is better.
    And this tip is sort of strange, I admit: during the festival, in my experience there are zillions of freebies and cocktails and catered events. The food is seldom bad but when I was working - and one works hard in Cannese, - I had not much memory of the food; didn't even have much of an appetite. You'll see: Cannes is even more intense than you think. For the 1st 3 days you think: this is the fun capital of the world. After 3 days you think: getmeoutahere !!!
    Bon séjour, bonne survie.

    1. La Potiniere is the polar opposite of "off the beaten path", it's across the street from the Palais des Festivals, but I had a wonderful lunch there a few years ago. Their website has a virtual tour at www.lapotiniere.fr/ Festive, casual, movie posters and photos, of course, everywhere.

      Cannes also has a fresh market, Tuesdays, I believe. I've never seen anything like it, meats, fish, flowers, fresh herbs, green, white, and purple asparagus, honey, condiments, fleur de sel in a dozen flavors. For a few Euros, I bought a package of herbes du Provence the size of a brick. Hard to imagine anyone not enjoying a visit to this large and wonderful market.

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        i used to go to the midem conference there every year so have done a few of the high-end places in the area.

        i'd strongly advise getting on the train, taking the 40 minute journey to monte carlo (go early in day light, the coastal views are unbelievable) then walk straight down the hill into the square and ducasse's louis xv, which still remains one of the best meals i've ever had.yes it's a fortune, but will leave you with a memory that will last a life time.

        actually in cannes, la palme d'or in the martinez hotel is very much at the top end of michelin's 2 star rating, both in terms of cooking and price, but very, very good all the same.

        finally, it's a cab ride (like they're cheap in the cote d'azur), but jaques chibois la bastide sant-antoine in grasse is also way above par and worthy of its 2 twinklers.

        one tip, wherever you go at this level, stick to the local regional french wine. you can drink stuff you can't get any where else at very reasonable prices (relatively speaking).