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Apr 19, 2010 04:14 PM

Shabu Shabu Toki Closed

Passed by Shabu Shabu Toki in Allston last night and noticed that they had papered up the windows. There was a sign indicating that a new shabu shabu restaurant (sorry, can't remember the name) would be opening up in the same location soon.

Kinda bummed out because it was my favorite shabu shabu restaurant in Boston.

Shabu Shabu Toki
121 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA

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  1. The new place is going to be called Toki Super Fusion Cuisine.

      1. re: noforkplease

        Not likely. That violation is pretty much just a paperwork issue.

        Given the similarity of name, it sounds like the same owners are just redefining he restaurant. Didn't really make sense to have two shabu-shabu places practically across the street from each other anyway.

        1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

          I hope they will still offer kushiyaki and shabu shabu!

      2. Drove by tonight. Saw the paper down and that it was open again. Didnt have time to dine there, but with a parking spot right in front, of course I had to investigate and find out the scoop..... :)

        Same owners.

        Decor looked the same that I could tell, although I didn't go past the entry.

        Revised menu, which sounded it's main focus is now sushi and noodle dishes (ie: ramen noodles, items over noodles, etc).

        Unfortunately they are no longer offering shabu, which is a shame, as I was just treated to a really nice seafood shabu bday dinner there a few weeks ago.

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          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            While they had the new menus for dining at the restaurant, they unfortunately did not have any takeout menus printed up yet, and the website was not updated yet. I unfortunately only got a real brief glance at the menu, so sorry I can't help with an answer at this time.

            1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

              bfp, are you talking about the anko filled ones? have you found them elsewhere in boston? i've not had them here but loved them in japan.

            2. re: volleydolly

              Do they still offer kushiyaki / yakitori? It's a shame about the shabu shabu. They were very good. Daisuke Matsuzaka used to eat there. Do they have the same sushi chef? He's very good too. He serves fresh uni in season.