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Apr 19, 2010 04:05 PM

Forgot to put veggies in stew. Can it be saved?

Yesterday I made some beef bourguignon and was so impressed by the taste I was getting I completely forgot to add the carrots (maybe some mushrooms) at the halfway point. Is it possible to somehow add the carrots and get them cooked without reducing everything else to sludge? Would boiled carrots just be distracting? Thanks!

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  1. you can cook them down separately with the same aromatics and seasonings you used in the stew, and then add them.

    1. Yup I've done this myself w/ potatoes of all things! And I had them prepped to go into the pot! I did take some juice and add it to the water of the cooking veggies along w/ the aromatics / spices that GHG suggested. Drained them and all was good. No one knew (except me)

      1. Thanks all. I simmered up some veggies with the same aromatics and a little stock. Worked out great!