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Apr 19, 2010 03:57 PM

Cleveland - Anything East Asian?

I'm running the Cleveland Marathon May 16 - it'll be my first.

Need recommendations for a pre-race dinner. I'm allergic to wheat, yeast and dairy, so any rice-based East Asian cuisine is ideal. Not too spicy before the race. :) [EDIT: But as long as I can order something toned down, my "fan club" wouldn't mind spicy at all.]

Sushi, pad thai, something else with plenty o' carbs and some good protein?

Downtown preferred, but I'm okay with driving a bit from my hotel.

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  1. I'm guessing that if you advise the house in advance at Lola, Greenhouse Tavern or Crop that they'd accommodate you.

    In the alternative, recommend you cab to Asiatown, not far from downtown, to either: Wonton Gourmet or Siam Cafe.

    The Greenhouse Tavern
    2038 E 4th Street, Cleveland, OH 44115

    1. Try Ty Fun in Tremont - it's pretty close to downtown and has excellent Thai.

      1. Thanks folks. What do you think of Pacific East?

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          Love Pacific East at Eton and at Coventry. Haven't tried the one in Solon yet.

          1. re: NancyH

            I stick with the Pacific East on Coventry. It's the best sushi in Cleveland. It's very consistent.

            The Malaysian food is also very good. Nasi Lemak, hainanese chicken, curry chicken noodle soup and several other soups, roti canai. All excellent. I suspect the noodles in the soups aren't quite as well prepared as they should be but the over all product is still excellent. There's a soup with fish cakes, another with ribs... Those are also both very good. There've been some chef changes over the years and the quality has gone up and down, but my last meal there indicates that the kitchen is in good hands.

            I avoid the cooked Japanese food, though. The cooked Malaysian food is some of the best Asian food in Cleveland and stands up to what little basis for comparison I have in travels to larger, more cosmopolitan cities.